102077 Understanding and Teaching Children


Case Study

In the scenario, it is observed that Jeremy finds difficulties in expressing himself and he is unable to answer complex questions related to a particular story. He has good reading skills but he is not good at discussing the readings. This is the main problem that Jeremy faces. His teacher has understood his problem and therefore suggested an activity book to his parents so that he could build his vocabulary and his expressing skills improve. Hence, the entire essay depends on theories of motivation and constructivism to help and support Jeremy to resolve his understanding and expressing issues.

Analyzing the key issues

The learner that is Jeremy is struggling with some major issues like expressing himself to the teacher and discussing certain topics in the class. Jeremy is finding difficulties to adapt himself in such an environment where all other students have no expression problems they can speak and discuss things at the same time. His self-confidence and morale get low to learn and understand new things from the teacher. Jeremy’s parents are unable to give proper time to him as they are having twins. They remain busy all the time in managing them so it hampers the learning process of Jeremy. He needs regular guidance and motivation from his parents so that he can be able to develop his understanding skills and expressing skills. Jeremy does his homework alone as his father and mother fail to give time to him. Therefore he faces problems in evaluating whether the school work that he does is correct or not. He is lacking in developing the theories of constructivism and motivation within himself (Alghamdy, 2019). He is able to read loudly in front of the teacher but is not able to construct knowledge and discuss the matter in short that the teacher provides. Learning issues are seen here because he is unable to incorporate new information and build his own representations over a particular topic.

Jeremy’s teacher Mrs. Grace also faces some teaching issues in the classroom. She finds difficulties to teach Jeremy because he is unable to understand and express any about topics or subjects at a single time. These types of complexities usually arise when students like Jeremy don’t participate in group activities. There are not enough resource materials for Mrs. Grace so she could make Jeremy do practice related to discussing and expressing matters and resolve the issue that he struggles with (Epçaçan, 2014). She also faces teaching issues when there are no  creative activities present in the classroom. Creative activities can make students like Jeremy construct and develop expressing skills by doing a discussion about various topics. As there are many students in the class she does not have enough time to guide Jeremy properly within a short period of time because she has to attend other classes and do excessive paperwork.

Evaluating the teacher’s approach

The approach of student-teacher radical constructivism can be applied for the following scenario. For improving the cognitive and constructive skills of Jeremy, Mrs. Grace should talk to Jeremy and try to understand the problems that he faces during expressing any answers. It helps to builda strong bond between Mrs. Grace and Jeremy. Mrs. Grace should speak with a friendly behavior so that Jeremy can able to relate with him and define his cognitive problems (Wang, Harrison, Cardullo & Lin, 2018). As Jeremy has a little one-year-old twin so his parents are not able to give much time to his study so Mrs. Grace takes the initial steps to minimize his cognitive problems so that he can able to fluently express himself after performing any specific readout.

The self-determination theory can help Jeremy to deal with his problems. Mrs. Grace can implement this theory to improve Jeremy’s self-determination. The self-determination theory is a theory of motivation. It helps Jeremy to motivate him that he can also able to express himself and also able to answer complex questions as others do more easily. Moreover, Mrs. Grace can also use the information processing theory on Jeremy to improve the processing power of him. This theory has three stages which are short-term memory, sensory memory and long-term memory (Yorlanda, 2019). This theory can help Jeremy to improve his memory power which can help him in his studies very effectively. He can able to answer the complex question after reading the stories. Apart from that, the constructivism theory can also very useful for Jeremy to solve his problems. This theory helps to encourages Jeremy to identify the intermediate skills of him and  also help to evaluate his work. This theory is very much effective in learning and teaching skills so Mrs. Grace should use this theory on Jeremy.

It is very much important for Mrs. Grace to provide the relevant information to Jeremy that if he needs to solve the answers to the complex questions then it important to understand the story fully only then he will be able to answer those questions more effectively. Social cognitive theory can also very effective in this purpose. This approach helps Jeremy to improve his thinking skills he can able to interact socially and gain his communication skills. Moreover, it is very important for Mrs. Grace to improve the vocabulary skills, Jeremy, by implementing various strategies like describing the words or act it out, so that he can able to talk and express himself fluently. The implementation of behaviorism theory can help to decrease the behavior of the distraction of Jeremy and increase the learning skills him. This theory helps Mrs. Grace to track the progression of Jeremy very effectively and help her to solve if any problems arise.


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