BDI3C Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Components


For this project, you will be writing some of the Business Plan components for a new Micro-business. Your business will be ‘PERFUME MAKER”. To minimize the scope of the project, you will use the following assumptions:
You will be the only owner and only employee of the business.
Your start-up capital would be a maximum of $30.000. (No specific costs or expenses have to be accounted for in this project.)
Assume you have any education, certificates, or credentials that would be needed for a business such as this.
All data must have proper, accessible references using numbered endnotes (not a bibliography.)
The assignment must be written in complete sentences (question numbering optional) in the order outlined below. 
1.Describe the specific products and/or services you will offer and their nature. 
2.Locate and describe the customer groups you will be targeting.
3.Clearly define your market potential. 
4.Prepare a sales forecast for your first year of operations using 2 different methods/sources.
5.Explain how your business is predominantly Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail or Service and show where you fit in the chain of distribution.
6.Explain why now is or is not a good time to start a business such as this. What has changed in the market that affects the opportunity for your business?
7.Specify your suppliers (name, location, URL) for any products or supplies that your business will need.
8.Name, locate, and briefly describe any direct competitors that you will have to deal with. 
9.Name, locate, and briefly describe any indirect competitors that you will have to deal with.
10.Name and explain the pricing strategy that you will be using.  Explain why this is appropriate for how it fits in with the rest of your marketing mix. 
11.Describe the specific means you will use to promote the business explaining the reasons for your choices.
12.Identify the legal form of the business. Explain your reasons for this legal set-up.


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