BMG871 International Business- Mental Health Service


Option 1

Read the paper titled Taking the ‘‘Q’’ Out of Research: Teaching
Research Methodology Courses Without the Divide Between Quantitative and Qualitative
Paradigms which is available to download here (institutional log in required) Create a mind map that illustrates the core factors that are presented by the authors. 

Option 2

Every research study starts with an overall aim that is linked to a specific research problem that needs to be solved.  For example, here is a researchable problem based on an overall aim which seeks to investigate the factors that impact on gambling behaviours?
With this overall aim at the core of the research study, create a mind map to illustrate the key considerations that need to be taken into account as you prepare to undertake this
Please note: In option 2, you may choose any aim/research problem from which to create a mind map. Such as an article of your choice, OR one of the case studies that appear in Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill or other core text.

Option 3

This option is scenario based, meaning you don’t have to undertake the research.
It has been decided that a focus group needs to be organised for a piece of research on the topic of gender equality in the workplace. 
As the researcher who will undertake this focus group, please create a mind map to represent the key considerations that you need to be take into account to gather primary research data, using a focus group approach. 

Option 4

Current mental health service provision for citizens living in rural locations in the Northern Periphery of Europe and the Arctic regions, cannot meet the rising demand to prevent and manage mental ill health. There is a lack of digital mental health support for tracking symptoms and for providing treatments and coping strategies at the point of need for 24/7, whilst at the same time, traditional one-to-one mental health services supporting people with chronic mental illness, as well as mild-to-moderate mental illness, is expensive and resource limited.  ChatPal is an EU project, funded under the Northern Periphery and Arctic programme, that will undertake pilot trials in 5 EU regions with the aim of increasing citizen access to psychotherapeutic support using a computer-based intervention service which will be in the form of a conversational user interface, or chatbot.
You can discover more about this project at
LW: Familiarise yourself with links within this website and make notes.
Please also use any other information that you can find through your own research to create a mind map that has taken into account the key dimensions associated with the ChatPal project.


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