BSB50320 Human Resource Management

Narrative The implications of the global economic crisis has begun to reveal positive lead indicators that this “storm” is pulling through, as this bolsters well for both domestic demand and export orientated industries GDP for the nation has risen to 4.5 % for fourth quarter(09/10) as opposed to market fore cast (3.2 %) and foreign direct investments are increasing due to contributory factors of good infrastructure available workforce and reasonable legislative business practices. Riding on this trend your organization has decided to embark on a strategic plan of growth through expansion but have however concluded that due to its nature of business (70% labor intensive) and diverse product portfolio, the ideal decision would be to relocate and establish its current operation to a neighboring country. Requirement You as the HR Manager have been tasked to establish the new HR department overseas which is to oversee the following consideration. You may choose a particular occupation of any chosen country oversea as a subject of the study. a. Strategic intelligence on the new locality b. Organizing the new workforce c. Training & Development d. Total Remuneration Package Further supplementary considerations should include: Departmentalization Safety & Health Legal implication Workforce Retention Any other factor you see fit.

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