BSBHRM604 Manage Employee Relations Assessment


This assessment task requires you, in the role of Human Resources Manager of Grow Management onsultants, to identify learning opportunities for your team and then develop a Training and Development plan.  Then, you will need to prepare and present a training session on conflict resolution techniques and procedures for the management team.
Assessment Resources
Evaluation Report Template  
Focus Group Results
Training and Development Policy and Procedures
Performance Management Appraisal A
Performance Management Appraisal B
Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures
Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy and Procedures
Diversity Policy and Procedures Template  
Action Plan Template
Assessment criteria
Students must complete all of the activities listed and submit:
Training and Development Plan  
Evaluation Report  
Updated Training and Development Policy and Procedures
Updated Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures  
Dispute resolution presentation
Updated diversity policy and procedures  
Updated diversity action plan  
Diversity presentation
Carefully read the following.
As the Human Resources Manager of Grow Management Consultants, you are responsible for a small team of four customer service staff. The customer service staff have a range of functions, including handling customer enquiries, handling complaints, generating sales leads and keeping records of all customer interactions.  
Grow Management Consultants places a high value on Training and Development and having skilled staff members and this is reflected in its mission and vision statements. As the Manager for the customer service team, you are responsible for all aspects of your team’s learning and development, as well as regular performance reviews. You are currently planning the team’s professional development for the next 12 months.  
As set out in the company’s policy, Training and Development planning is to be based on a review of staff performance appraisals, as well as any other relevant information including industry trends and industry competency standards.
Based on this, you have decided to conduct some research on customer service trends to see if you can identify any Training and Development needs based on these trends. You have also decided to review industry review competency standards relevant to customer service officers to inform your learning plan.  Company policy is that, for each staff member, there is an annual budget of $1,000 for external professional development opportunities. Generally, most professional development will be undertaken in‐house by Team Leaders and specialist staff, including the Sales Manager and Human Resources Manager as applicable.
All learning plans are required to be documented in the company’s Training and Development Plan Template.
Complete the following activities:
1. Analyse the Performance Management Appraisal Analysis Part A.  Make notes on key professional development needs of staff based on your analysis.   Based on your research, develop a Training and Development plan for your team of customer service staff using the Training and Development Plan Template.
The Training and Development plan must include:
Overall objectives of the plan  
At least six Training and Development opportunities (at least one every two months) and bebased on the analysis and research you have conducted.  
The learning opportunities should be a mixture of formal and informal opportunities, as well
as both in‐house and external activities and suit a range of learning styles.  
Carefully read the following.
As part of monitoring and evaluating ongoing learning and development, you have committed to developing a survey to collect staff feedback, as well as analysing information on staff performance reviews.
2. Assume that focus groups have also been conducted to find out about staff satisfaction overall, as well as staff Training and Development needs. Review the Staff Performance Appraisal B that also shows an outline of Training and Development activities conducted. Based on this information, analyse the effectiveness of the Training and Development activities conducted, and make recommendations for additional Training and Development activities based on your analysis. You must use the Evaluation Report Template and your report should be about one‐page long.
3. Assume that, based on the Focus Group Results, you have recognised the need to specifically recognise workplace achievement based on participation in learning activities. You have decided to include a section on this in the Training and Development Policy and Procedures.  
Using the Internet, research both reward and recognition schemes and make notes on what you find.  
4. Review the company’s Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures. Your review should result in you making at least the following two changes to the Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures:

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