BUSI511 Healthcare Informatics|Deliverables

Health Informatics is an applied field of study incorporating theories from information science; computer science; the science for the specific discipline, such as medicine, nursing, or pharmacy; and the wide range of sciences used in the healthcare delivery.  As a result, health informatics specialists draw on a wide range of theories to guide their practice. 
You are to submit a final research paper focused on a selected topic below. This paper is to be reflective of a master’s level academic research paper and will be assembled throughout the course by producing several deliverables:
Module 3: Week 3: Annotated Bibliography
Module 4: Week 4: Outline
Module 5: Week 5: Final Paper Draft
Module 7: Week 7: Final Paper Submission
Please choose one of the following four (4) major theoretical approaches as the main topic of your final paper and relate it to a current topic (practices, policies, and/or regulations) in healthcare informatics1:
Systems Theory 


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