CIS675 Information Security and Experimentation Environment


Provided a clear description of term paper objective (problem statement), which is wellconstructed, focused and appropriate. There is a clear and pressing cybersecurity question/issue/objective that the paper will be addressing, appropriate with course objectives.
Clearly provided review of the literature relating your work with the state of the art in the literature. The literature review description should be accompanied by the references, such that these references are related to the term paper objective and the proposed solution. Provided at least 10 references in APA or IEEE format that is in consistent with the topic, outline and paper objective.
Methodology Provided a well written methodology to address the objective or problem statement. Provided Flow chart or other diagram to support the methodology. Diagram or flow chart should not be a copy and paste from the Internet or other sources.
Classification or Data or Experimentation Environment (for simulation or experimentation or Development)
Clearly described the Classification/Taxonomy (for survey type paper ) (OR) data (for Survey or security analytics type paper) (OR) the
simulation/experimentation/development environment (for the experimentation/simulation) type of paper.
Expected Outcomes and metrics to measure the success of the Survey or Solution or Experimentation Clearly explained what are the expected outcomes from the survey (for survey type paper) experimentation or implementation of the proposed methods (for security analytics or experimentation/simulation) type paper Also, clearly explained the metrics, that will help measure the success of the survey or experiments or implementation of methods.

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