ECON1401 Economics-written assignment will help you to develop


The written assignment for ECON 1401 is an opportunity for you to showcase your abilities to apply economic perspectives and abstract ideas to modern, concrete, real-world problems facing Australia today; to develop and present arguments based on sound economic logic; and to express yourself in clear, thoughtful prose. Preparing your written assignment will help you to develop in-depth knowledge of the economic perspectives explored in this course and to enhance your skills in critical analysis.

The application of abstractions to concrete scenarios is one of the most difficult challenges for many undergraduate students. Some students also find it difficult to construct a focused, engaging written narrative that presents a convincing case to an intellectually inclined audience. This assignment is designed to help you hone these crucial academic and professional skills.

What to do

In your assignment, you will apply the conceptual frameworks of TWO economic thinkers you have read about in this course to help describe and explain the economic situation in Australia today (in the first one-third of your paper), and then articulate an economic argument for why and how ONE specific policy intervention that could be adopted today, by some level of government, would help achieve ONE economic goal in Australia over the next six months to two years (in the final two-thirds of your paper). You must select one of the four goals below as your focus. You may choose to argue for a policy intervention of a type listed below, or of another type – but either way, make sure the policy intervention you choose is both specific and feasible 


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