ENG 557 Professional and Technical- Multimodal Instructional


Dr. Dongmei Cheng

You will design multimodal instructional materials using technology tools of your choice for your current/future students. Based on the teaching context, you choose a specific teaching content and utilize one or more teaching methods (e.g., task-based instruction, content-based instruction, genre-based instruction) introduced in this course. You may focus on one language skill (e.g., grammar) or combine multiple skills (e.g., reading and writing). The format can be PowerPoint/Prezi presentation (with video embedded), video tutorial, multimedia poster, online game etc. Please submit to the Week 13 discussion forum “Multimodal Project”1) the active link of your multimodal project or the project as an attachment, and 2) a narrative as an attachment briefly introducing the teaching content and the technology tool you used and explaining how the materials were developed in light of specific teaching methods. You may consider the following tools, but feel free to use other technological tools. 

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