HLTH 645 The Physically Active- Athlete Lose Weight


Effective Weight Loss for Athletes Assignment Instructions


Students will identify key points of confusion many athletes have regarding safe, healthy weight loss practices. Many sports, such as running, gymnastics, wrestling and figure skating require a lean body for better performance. Excess weight requires more energy for overall movement, and it can detract from turns, aerials, or other directional changes. Therefore, within the population of athletes participating in these types of sports, weight loss can be a constant struggle, and the methods used for weight loss can be detrimental to health and performance.


For this assignment, find an athlete who wants to lose weight, is trying to lose weight or has attempted to lose weight. Ask them questions listed in the Effective Weight Loss For Athletes Template document.

After the interview is concluded, review your athlete’s diet and corresponding metabolic responses. Provide well-thought-out explanations to the following 3 questions. Use the following 3 headings to help guide your responses.

1. Describe the diet and methods your athlete used to lose weight. 
2. You may use references from a diet book (e.g. Omega Z Diet Book) and your text book to determine if this was a healthy approach? Why or Why not? Part of your answer should explain the metabolic response. Discuss any risks with this approach such as eating disorders, nutrient deficiencies or metabolic disturbances.
3. What changes or recommendations would you make to help this athlete lose weight? Provide your rationale.

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