MGBBT0UCT Understanding Customers and Marketing Contexts


1. The Assignment Guide should be used with the Assignment Brief, as its purpose is to provide guidance on how best to respond to the assignment brief. It also shows what the marker will look for in the piece of work.
The learning outcomes that addressed within the tasks of the assignment:
Demonstrate practical implications of consumer behaviour theory in different businesses and marketing contexts, including tourism.
2. Assignment Guidance
2.1. Essay
“The assignment involves preparing a written essay on your Understanding Customers (1,500 words)”.
a) Your whole essay task will be about this issue:
• Write an essay on the micro and macro aspects of Understanding Customers. Use theories
to support your argument. Use examples from tourism sector where necessary.
b) Begin your research by reading the related pieces of research from the module – your
lecturer will have indicated which research is relevant to each of the topics.

3. Conclusion

This assignment is an essay of 1500 word (+/- 10%). The essay must be in a Microsoft Word document which will be submitted into Turnitin Please ensure if you do not have the relevant IT skills to be able to create this assignment as one Word document, that you book in with the Academic Support team in advance of the Summative deadline to get the IT help you need. To ensure that your work has enough research you need to cite from the three core textbooks. You should aim to find more pieces of research that come from a range of books, websites journals etc.


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