MKF1120 Marketing theory and Practice Management


Exam Practise Questions – Multiple Choice 2

One data-oriented budgeting technique is:

A: Determining what can be afforded

B: Applying Jones’ Advertising Intensiveness Law

C: Being conservative

D: Setting the budget at a % of this year’s sales

Exam Practise Questions – Multiple Choice 3

Short-Term Advertising Strength benchmarks:

A: Share of Voice against Market Share

B: Buyers against non buyers

C: Exposed against not exposed households

D: Non buyers against buyers

Exam Practise Questions – long answer 1

You are the marketing manager for Hilton Hotels in Australia. 

You are about to create a new advertising campaign for the hotel chain. 

In what order would you prioritise these inputs: Message, Branding, and Creative? Explain your answer, drawing on the Emotion-Attention-Memory and Mental Availability concepts. Explain these concepts and why they are important for a marketer to understand.

Why should you include Category Entry Points in your new ad? Discuss the concept of Category Entry Points. 

Finally list Category Entry Points you could use to build for the chain of hotels.

Exam Practise Questions – long answer 2

Media Strategy:

You work for a Media Agency and your key client is McDonalds. They are planning to review their media account and have a few questions on media strategy that they want you to explain to them:

1) What is ‘reach’ and why is it so important for marketers to focus on? What evidence do you have to support your answer?

2) What is ‘recency’? Describe the media-planning tactic that helps advertisers to reach consumers with recency and how it works. Explain how McDonalds could use this effect to their advantage.


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