NS5352 Qualitative Research in Healthcare and Consistently


Appraise various qualitative research paradigms and explain how they impact on the design and conduct of qualitative research • Devise research questions suitable for qualitative research Group or individual Individual Weighting 20% Due date 2200h (AEST), Tuesday 2100 November 2021 Word limit 1000 words. Word counts more than 10% above the required word limit will be penalised by 10% deduction of the marks available. The word count must be accurately stated at the end of the assignment. Every printed element between spaces is to be counted, including quotations and in-text references, but not including Reference list or Appendices.
Assessment task 2 Part A and Part B provides the opportunity to undertake a basic qualitative research project. This will deepen your understanding of the key elements of qualitative research including the development of a research problem, collection of data, thematic analysis of the data, and dissemination research findings. In preparation for completing this assessment task, you need to complete some preparatory work. This preparatory work will be used to respond to Part A (due 12 November, 2021) and for the completion of Part B (due 2 December, 2021). Therefore, it is recommended that prior to beginning this assessment, you become familiar with the assessment descriptors of both Part A and B to fully understand the assessment requirements. Assessment 2 (Part A): Preparatory work 1. Select a problem or issue(s) that relates to an aspect of healthcare and develop a research question that could be answered through qualitative research. 2. Conduct a literature search for contemporary research evidence that relates to your selected healthcare problem or issue(s) and supports the development of the research question. Please note: You are not conducting a complete qualitative research project, so ethics approval is not required however it is expected that all students will be mindful of sound ethical conduct during both parts of the assessment. Your proposed research must not involve patients or clients who are, or have been, in your care. —-My research question is what the experiences of aged care nurses are while caring for residents with dementia who exhibits challenging behaviour. – Please prepare assignment on this question Assessment 2 (Part A): Instructions for submission: In Part A, you are required to: Outline the background to the problem or issue(s) clearly illustrating how the research evidence from the literature validates the research question. Formulate a research question and explain how this question can be answered qualitatively. Identify and discuss the ethical considerations a researcher would need to consider for the conduct of this project.  Describe the practical considerations a researcher would need to make in order to use interviews as the research method to collect data and explain why this method is the most appropriate to answer the research question. Students should use contemporary research evidence and other scholarly literature to support this paper. Correct academic writing conventions and APA 7th edition formatting should be used. First person is not acceptable (using phrases such as “the researcher” is appropriate). Topic headings, such as background, research question, ethical considerations, practical considerations, may be used. Appendices are not permitted in this paper. Please review page 16 of this Subject Oultine if you have encountered difficulties in submitting this assessment by the due date and time. For guidance on standards for assessment preparation, including referencing, please see Assessment Preparation Guidelines. Criteria Background to the problem and relationship to research question Expert description of a specific problem or issue(s) that is exceptionally validated with contemporary research evidence and demonstrates a deep understanding of the problem or issue(s). Description includes critical and sophisticated detail to contextualise how this problem or issue(s) can be answered by the research question Research question and its place in the qualitative paradigm Weight 20% A highly appropriate qualitative research question. A succinct and convincing explanation that justifies how the question fits within the qualitative paradigm Ethical considerations Weight 20% Expert discussion that identifies all ethical considerations relevant to the project. Exceptional description of how a researcher applies these ethical considerations in qualitative research using explicit, detailed examples. Method considerations Weight 25% Expert description that demonstrates excellent understanding of the practical considerations a researcher would need to make in order to use interviews as the research method to collect data. Exceptional explanation of why this method is the most appropriate method to answer the research question. Use of evidence Weight 10% Judiciously integrates an extensive range of credible, highly relevant literature throughout to support the research. Where support from evidence is used, APA 7th edition referencing conventions in both in-text referencing and reference list has been applied accurately and consistently with no erro Format and presentation Weight 5% Demonstrates advanced written communication skills, with evidence of: Sophisticated language, including use of accurate terminology. Highly effective sequencing and structure of paragraphs in body. Very well constructed sentences and correct punctuation and spelling with no errors.

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