PROG1350 Software Engineering Fundamentals-documenting and understanding a disas



We are learning about the need to ensure that quality is built into every phase of a system’s life cycle. This assignment should make you appreciate this better – it has to do with disasters. More specifically it deals with researching, documenting and understanding a disaster. You need to research exactly what happened and what caused it in the hope that such things can be avoided in the future.


This assignment supports the following course outcomes:

1. Explain the possible consequences of faulty software and system design processes

2. Explain the need for gathering requirements at the outset of a project as well as effective means of gathering such requirements 


In the table below, you will find 2 mandatory disasters that you need to research and document. As well you have to choose another disaster to research and document. Your third disaster can be chosen from the set of disasters in Category A (see table below) – or you can choose your own disaster (Category B). If you choose one from Category B, then its effects should have cost either $1 million in damage or caused physical harm to humans.

As mentioned, you can work with a partner on this research paper if you like. You will need to do your research for your 3 different disasters and produce a written report. The report should be titled “Disaster Report”. Ensure that you have one major section in your report for each of the disasters. For each of the disasters please document and break your research out into the following sub-sections.


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