SCIE16428 Human Anatomy and Physiology-paramedics infused a saline solution


Question 1: Mr. Muhammad was going into shock because of blood loss, so paramedics infused a saline solution. Why would this help?

Question 2: Why was the physician able to use O negative blood before the results of the blood type tests were obtained? Explain your answer.

Question 3: Mr. Muhammad’s blood type was determined to be A positive. What plasma antibodies (agglutinins) does he have and what type of blood can he receive?

Question 4: What would happen if doctors had infused type B PRBCs into Mr. Muhammad’s circulation?
Question 5: Describe the blood disorder Mr. Muhammad may have. What are some effects (symptoms, complications) of this disorder? Mr. Muhammad is found to be losing huge amounts of water in the urine and the volume lost is being routinely replaced (via IV line). Blood and urine tests are positive for glucose and ketones. Mr. Muhammad’s condition continues to deteriorate, so he is prepared for surgery, which reveals a lacerated liver. The laceration is repaired and Mr. Muhammad’s vital signs stabilize.
Question 6: What would you say Mr. Muhammad’s hormonal problem is and what do you think caused it? Explain your answer.
You have been assigned to work on a specific case study. Please check SLATE for the case study that you are assigned to complete. 
You are expected to submit a professionally completed assignment with the required sections as outlined below. Answers to the case scenarios should be written with enough detail that someone without prior healthcare knowledge will understand the information. 
The completed assignment must be submitted via Dropbox in SLATE at the beginning of class. No other electronic submissions of the assignment are accepted except via Dropbox in SLATE. Marks will be deducted for late and/or incomplete submission and assignments handed in via email.  
Required sections
1. Answers to all the questions: 
a. Typed and double spaced.
b. Not exceeding 4 pages (not including reference and title page)
c. Proofread for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.
d. APA format. 
2. Other documents:
a. A cover page with student’s and professor’s name.
b. A copy of the case study scenario.  
c. Reference page.
d. A copy of the rubric. 


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