SOE11144 Global Business Economics and Finance-target market from both internal


Project specifications

Prepare consulting report on the Scotch Whisky industry. The aim of the report should be identification of possible profit areas for independent firm originating from your chosen country to engage in the industry.

The report among other should include the following issues.

1.Critically analyse the supply side of the Scottish Whisky. In particular 
a.Identify the product, its internal differentiation, and its substitute both in Scotland and the chosen target country. 
b. Both markets should be supported by statistical data. 

2. Critically analyse the demand side of the target market. In particular:
a. Identify the political and economics macroeconomic environment of the target market from both internal and external perspectives.
b. Identify the microeconomics demand factors and trends. 
c. Both aspects should be supported by statistical data. 

3. The practical analysis should be strongly supported by the economic theory. 

4. Using the results of analysis above sketch initial proposal of project to exploit opportunities for profit on the market of your chosen country and create sustainable, profitable business. 


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