SWK 6501 Engaging and Entering the Profession- Staffing Issue


Jason Stofel MSW, LISW-S

Rationale: You will all be entering into your field placements. It is here that you will all begin to be placed into contexts and situations to apply what you have learned in school as well as your own personal experiences. You will be asked to interact and intervene in various practice settings, populations and agencies. You will soon see the advantages, disadvantages, strengths and limitations of the systems in which we operate.

Overview: Each student will be asked to pick an example of a client who is requesting services provided by the social service systems. Each student is asked to assume the perspective of the client, their needs and the possible experiences they may have when interacting with these systems.  Possible client examples will be provided but the student is welcome to use their own example with prior permission from the instructor. The content of the paper needs to answer the following questions.

1. What services/ agencies are available to meet the needs of your selected client? Please list and describe these entities and services provided. What are the possible risks the client could experience without help?
2. What are the advantages and benefits of the services being provided by the agency/ program? What are the pitfalls/ challenges and limits? (Waitlist? Funding? Staffing Issue? Other Challenges?)
3. What could your client be experiencing that would make it difficult to fully engage in services? What MH, emotional challenges or contexts that could impede their episode of care? Please consider the holistic nature of the social work profession and the myriad of systems you or the client may interact with.
4. What changes need to be made in the system(s) the client has interacted with? What changes do you think need to be made to the system to improve client care? Please be realistic in you answer.

The paper needs to be researched and cited according to APA standards. It should be between 5-8 pages.

Possible Clients

A mother of two children attempting to leave her domestically violent husband.

A client immigrating from another country after spending time in a refugee camp.

A homeless father with a young child.

A former convicted felon with a history of drug use but has been sober for 2 years.

A homeless teen kicked out their home due to their sexuality.

A teenager with a history of trauma and neglect who has aged out of the foster care system.


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