5N3633 Training and Development- deliver development for the new starts


Key topics to be covered as part of the Orientation Programme:

Company History and Vision
Product Knowledge
Customer Service
Culture and continuous improvement
Development and Career Planning

Discuss how you would develop an inclusive learning strategy and what recommendations you would make to ensure effective learning for new starts in the organisation.

In your answer address the points below:

1. Critically evaluate the different approaches that could be used to deliver development for the new starts and make recommendations

2. Discuss what you would consider on the design and evaluation of the specific learning and development interventions, including a blended learning approach for them.

3. Also consider career development for the new starts and processes for them to support their careers going forward

4. Critically evaluate the potential benefits of organisational learning (learning organisation) for this organisation as an approach to ongoing learning and developing a learning culture

5. Implications for wider HR Policies and the wider responsibilities for L&D 


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