ACT102 Introduction to Accounting of Communication


This is an individual assignment in which you are required to form a business and answer some accounting related questions. 
Assessment Criteria: 
This task will generally be assessed in terms of the following criteria: 
1.Effectiveness of communication: readability, grammar, spelling, neatness, completeness and presentation.  
2.Demonstrated competency and understanding: This will be evidenced by the student’s ability to be dialectical in the discussion of contentious issues. The marker will pay attention to the accuracy of the content, coverage of relevant issues, structure of argument, English expressions, absence of plagiarism, concise writing style, and referencing style. 
3.Evidence of research – This will be evidenced by the references used and the inclusion of a bibliography. 
Assignment Requirements:  
Answer the following questions: 
1.You are required to form a business of your choice and to write a brief introduction about it (name, services or products, legal form, merchandising or manufacturing, retail or wholesale, size, industry, etc…) 
2.In deciding on the legal form for your business, discuss the reasons for your choice. 
3.Discuss the different financing options to set up your business and the reasons for your choice (s).  
4.Briefly discuss the role of accounting in your business (your answer should include accounting information, users of information, accounting process, financial accounting and management accounting, etc…) 
5.Develop a chart of accounts for your business.  
6.Will there be a need to use special journals and/or subsidiary ledgers in your business? Discuss.  
7.In your business, when will it be suitable to do the adjustment of the accounts and the closing of the accounts and why? 
8.Discuss the considerations that the management of your business would take into account in deciding on whether to distribute profits or to retain them in the business. 
Please note, that it is expected that you address these questions in a specific way as they relate to your chosen business. (Providing general information is not the purpose here, rather You need to be specific and your answers should be relevant and suitable to the characteristics of the business you have chosen).

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