BSBHRM524 Coordinate Workforce Plan Implementation-having completed the task sat



You are required to answer all of the following questions. You need to answer all of the written questions  correctly. Generally, you are expected to write a response one or two paragraphs long. Please answer the  questions using word processing software.

Assessment criteria

All questions must be answered correctly in order for you to be assessed as having completed the task satisfactorily.  

1. Explain how the ABS Labour Force Survey can be used by an organisation to assist in workforce planning.  

2. Outline the purpose of the Labour Market Information Portal and give two examples of information included in the Portal that can assist with workforce planning.

3. Explain the purpose of the National Skill Needs List and how it can be used for workforce planning. 

4. Outline the key provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009. 

5. Explain the purpose of enterprise agreements. 

6. Explain the use of modern awards in workplaces.

7. List two sources of expert advice that could be used when seeking industrial relations advice. Include  the name of the organization and the services they provide. 

8. Describe the purpose of the labour force participation rate and how it can assist in analysing the labour force. 

9. Describe the purpose of the employment to population rate and how it can assist in analysing the labour force. 

10. Outline two commonly used forecasting models that can assist with identifying future workforce needs.


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