BUS 501 Organisational Behaviour and Leadership-biblical frameworks


(a) Demonstrate a critical understanding of organisational behaviour.

(b) Demonstrate an ability to synthesise and apply knowledge and understanding of contemporary theories and research on organisational behaviour to the analysis of case study and research data.

(c) Demonstrate an ability to research in depth an element of organisational behaviour, and present a coherent argument in essay form.

(d) Integrate biblical frameworks into a contemporary understanding of leadership and organisational behaviour.

(e) Apply knowledge in a critical evaluation of the organisation in light of a specific element of organisational behaviour, within an overview of organisational behaviour theory

Assessment Task
The purpose of this assessment is to allow students take on a management perspective to analyse organisational behaviour and leadership and propose recommendations with the aim of improving the situation. This project seeks to create a case study of an organization that requires a change intervention. 
Students will be required to choose an organisation that they are familiar with and analyse it using relevant organisational behaviour and leadership theories or frameworks to identify areas where improvements need to be made. 


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