BUS 504 Marketing Management- distribution and promotion


Type of Assessment

a) Demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical foundations of marketing management in the areas listed in the schedule of topics.

b) Demonstrate a critical appreciation of branding and product positioning strategies and the relevance of Internet marketing, social media and other elements of the marketing mix in product and service branding and positioning.

c) Understand the importance of marketing principles and key issues affecting the development of marketing strategies, including: the marketing environment; consumer behaviour; market segmentation; targeting; positioning; branding; pricing; distribution; and promotion.
d) Use their understanding of marketing theories and the principles of marketing research to demonstrate an ability to assess and critically evaluate an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to its marketing strategy for selected products/services in relevant target markets.
e) Exhibit an advanced level of awareness of the ethical aspects of marketing, and be able to identify and discuss the potential consequences of marketing on society, communities and individuals.

Assessment task description  

The purpose of this report is to develop your skills in evaluating, developing and implementing marketing communication strategies.

Major requirements:

1. Select any small and medium size enterprise (SME) brand and review their marketing communication strategy. Review their websites, annual reports (if any) and digital platforms for the relevant information. 
2. Identify and describe the customers and divide them into key market segments.

3. Identify the favorite media platforms (including social media) for each of the market segments and analyze how each of these segments accesses communication platforms (E.G.; billboards, flyers, television, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).
4. Show how the SME brand is currently using these media platforms and what should be their order of priority for each of these platforms and why.
5. Based on your analysis of the current marketing communication strategy of the chosen brand, and using any sound theory, develop a new integrated marketing communication strategy for this brand. This new communication strategy should help the firm achieve its communication objectives, and address the challenges with the existing communication strategy of the firm.  
6. You have been asked to implement a digital marketing communication strategy. Please explain how you would implement your communication strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and   Twitter.  Draw or visualize what an example of your marketing communication would look like. Use any sound theory to support your ideas. Your visuals here will show a Facebook, Instagram, and   Twitter pages. The pages must show all details of the pages including displayed picture, company information and examples of three posts each on Facebook, Instagram, and   Twitter pages. You need to be creative here. The posts should be your own ideas.  


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