BUS321 Organizational Effectiveness : Business and Management


STEP 1: Use the same company from Project 1 (or contact the professor if you wish to make any changes).
STEP 2: Refer to the grading rubric at the bottom of this page for a description of what is expected to earn 100% on this assignment.
STEP 3: Prepare a double-spaced report (12-point font) between 3-5 pages that examines course concepts in a company of your choice. The minimum length excludes Cover & References.
STEP 4: Must incorporate research resources from the Egan Library: Go to http://www.uas.alaska.edu/library/ Under Find Articles, select “Find Databases by Subject” Select “Business & Management”
Select “Business Source Premier “ (EBSCOhost) Use the search features to find articles using related topics/terms. Only use articles that were published in 2015 or are newer. 
STEP 5: Before submitting, refer to grading rubric again and makes sure all sections are adequate. OUTLINE (these subheadings are required – papers without them will be be returned) I. Purpose of Assignment (highlight any changes you make from Project 1) II. Company Brief (highlight any changes you make from Project 1) III. Leadership: Power & Influence (Chapter 13) a. Definitions – reference textbook b. Theory – (e.g. types of power, using influence, organizational politics, conflict, negotiation) c. Application (Examples Based on Company Research) d. Organizational Outcomes (see correlational graphs at end of chapter.

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