BUSN1170 Applied Research Methods and Accompanying Children


As an individual, you will complete the attached observation exercise at one of two public places. You will either observe people in the food court of a downtown office building (NOT a cafeteria) or in the food court of a local shopping centre.  In completing this exercise, you must pay attention to any ethical considerations involved, as well as minimize your own impact on the subjects being observed. Ideally, those you observe should be unaware of your study. Please stay safe and adhere to health protocols while you complete this assignment if it’s the one you choose. 
Once complete, submit this assignment to the assignment drop box on the course Moodle site.
What percentage of the population are wearing a mask properly?
How many people are wearing multi-coloured sweaters?
How many parents are in the mall accompanying children?
In writing up your findings and presenting them, please be sure that your answer is complete and meaningful. Include your operationalization and assumptions, observation processes and procedures, a diagram/photo of the observation location, the parameters (time, date, day, duration, etc.) of the observation, and your analysis. Submit your data collection instrument with your portfolio. Your tally sheet must be done with pen/pencil on paper, and should not be cleaned up nor electronic. You are providing an artifact of your study along with your typed rationale and analysis.

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