CA6005 Commercial Challenges For Aviation-resulting from product and service inn


On successful completion of the module the student will be able to:

1. Critically assess the contemporary commercial challenges for airline or airport management from the perspective of leadership and global competition in different country settings.

2. Critically evaluate the management challenges resulting from product and service innovations for airlines and airports in a global setting linked to e commerce, e sales and e marketing.

3. Analyse and evaluate the ability of airlines and airports to develop competitive advantage. 

The global situation for aviation after 18 months of the COVID pandemic highlights that the industry must develop a unique set of new skills to enable the survival of the sector into the future and innovation is going to be key for survival.

The task here is to develop TWO robust sets of new ideas (innovations) to support the commercial development of an airline or airport of your choice (name the airline or airport) under the following headings for the next 3 years as the industry comes out of this crisis –
Innovations with technology for seamless passenger journey – in the current environment what are the new ideas that could transform airline and airport passenger handling and baggage handling.

Innovations in new business opportunities – new ideas for additional revenue streams you can identify in the new dynamics of the current scenario and enhance the status of the organisation.   

Fleet management and flight procedures innovations – new ideas to enhance the fleet management status of the organisation with aircraft management innovations. 
Leadership and human resource management innovations – new ideas to enhance the management of employees during the crisis and ensure the integrity of the organisation. 
Health, safety and security management innovations – new ideas about how the organisation must consider adapting to the new dynamics and demands of COVID health pandemic to enhance the safety and security management of the organisation. 
These innovations should be outlined, and the ideas supported by some relevant sources of data and / or governmental directives and/or academic research. 
These ideas will clearly require further evaluation and outlining potential constraints is also recommended etc. 

This is an opportunity for innovative airlines/airports to demonstrate that they have new ideas for the demanding situation ahead etc.  This crisis is the most severe the industry has ever faced and demands the ability to think outside of the ‘box’ and take some major new initiatives!  



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