CHCAGE005 Provide Support to Assessment Instructions


The purpose of this learner workbook, assessment workbook, simulation diary or logbook is to provide a guide of instruction and information in relation to the relevant assessment tasks. As a learner, you will be provided with information relating to your assessment, including how they are to be completed and submitted. Therefore, it is important that you fully understand the assessment instructions given by your trainer to avoid issues such as academic misconduct, submitting past the due date and providing incomplete assessments, which you will be required to resubmit. If you fail to understand or need more clarification on the assessments, you are required to contact your trainer/assessor for further information. 
Assessment Task 
The aim of assessments is to test your knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to the topics being taught within a given course. This will be done by using an assessment criterion which shows what you need to do to achieve the appropriate level of competency. For the purpose of completing a written assessment, you are required to: 
Complete each question, including any sub-questions;
Provide in-depth research on the topic, using appropriate primary and secondary sources; 
Respond using a clear structure (e.g. Introduction, points of argument or fact, conclusion), including references to the sources used. 
All assessments required to be completed are compulsory as it is a required condition of your enrolment.   
Assessment requirements 
The assessments within this document can be completed through several approaches such as: 
Observation of real, indisputable actions as they occur; 
Written or oral task such as reports, role play, work samples etc; 
Questions, or third-party evidence, in which the relevant document (observation document is to be completed by the agreed third party.  
All documents relating the third-party observation is to be provided to your trainer/assessor as this will be used in determining your level of competency. Third-party evidence can be obtained from supervisors (e.g., from the workplace), or clients/customers.   
Please be informed that all assessments are to be typed up. Any handwritten assessments will not be permitted unless approved by the trainer/assessor.

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