COUN6553 Family and Marriage Counselling : Narrative Therapy


Assume you are a therapist working from the perspective of narrative therapy. Your client strikes you as a difficult and unpleasant person. You know he has no friends and his family has rejected him. He tells you that he believes that he was born into a cruel world and he is just the product of it. Would you seek to replace this “truth” with a more benign story, such as “it’s not your fault,” or “the world is neither cruel nor nurturing; it just is”? What might be a more useful and honest way to employ narrative therapy? What narrative might you consider developing instead that somehow still accounts for this man’s experience?
After you as the therapist help a couple to realize that the wife’s depression was related to an internalized negative narrative about women’s subordinate position in society, the wife becomes very angry, not only at her husband but at all men. For weeks she tells you that “all men are  pigs.” Her husband blames you and emotionally withdraws. How might narrative therapy help this couple?


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