CRIM2261 Criminal Law- Emergency Protection Orders


1. Define harm reduction. What does it mean to you? And give one example of a harm reduction, trauma-informed strategy with a client who is actively using opioids. [2-3 sentences]
2. Recall from the lectures Maslow’s Hierarchy and the MLAs of assessment, which connects to this reading and the importance of a “housing first” model to support clients who have addictions. The reading challenges us to rethink not only drug courts, but to rethink our expectation that clients need to be abstinent prior to giving them housing. This
challenges the belief that housing is an award and that abstinence is the only measure of success. What do you think? [2 paragraphs max]
3. Cori and I chatted in the presentation about emergency protection orders (EPOs) and the process for applying for one. We talked about how our justice system is paternalistic and patriarchal and not trauma informed when it comes to EPOs (as one example). What do you think? What is an EPO, briefly describe the process for getting one, and how that process is not trauma-informed. Then offer one way in which we could change the justice system’s approach to make applying for an EPO less paternalistic and more trauma-informed. [2 paragraphs max]

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