CYCD2003 Supporting Self Regulation Upset and Defensive


You find out that Sam is newly homeless after being kicked out by their parents for coming out as non-binary. Sam has been staying at the shelter for one week. You notice that Sam takes a very long time in the washroom every day, which causes a lot of arguments with other young people at the shelter. Sam also has been storing empty yogurt containers under their bed, they are stacked nicely and cleaned, but there are more of them every day. When you ask Sam about this, they get very upset and defensive. They insist they don’t take very long in the bathroom and won’t talk about the growing collection of yogurt containers under their bed. As you start to get to know Sam better you find out that they like to cook and had a job at a local fast food restaurant, but got fired because they took too long to wash their hands between task and kept delaying the orders and then got into a loud verbal argument with their supervisor about it when asked why they couldn’t wash their hands faster. You also find out that since coming to the shelter Sam has been drinking a lot and tried meth recently with their new friends from the shelter. Answer the following questions: A. When do signs of OCD start to appear for children, and what are some of the common signs you’re seeing in this case

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