ENG112 English Assignments|Social Problem

Topic: Covid-19 and global pandamic Sources: 7-9, including at least three different kinds of sources Essays for the term paper will involve, first, an argument of fact: using data to prove the very existence of a problem—again, a social problem, though within the scope of your immediate experience. Next, you’ll conduct an argument of value: one that asserts the importance or significance of a problem, when the problem’s importance or significance is disputed. You will follow that discussion with an argument of policy about the problem examined in your essay at large—an argument as to what course of action should be taken to address the problem under consideration: a proposal. In other words, you’ll be… • Demonstrating the existence or presence of a problem. • Providing readers with any necessary background information concerning the problem. • Persuading potentially skeptical readers that the problem you identify is worth their consideration–that it is important or significant enough to demand their attention. • Proposing a course of action to solve the problem, or at least ease (or ameliorate, or mitigate) its severity–a proposal you will support with evidence and reasoning as well as defend from criticism. Roughly one quarter (two to two-and-a-half pages) of the essay will be devoted to educating your audience as to the existence and extent of the problem on which you focus; the remainder of the essay will be concerned with your arguments of value and policy—persuading your audience that the problem you address should matter enough to them to take action in regard to it, and subsequently arguing in favor of a specific course of action you will propose to solve, or ease the severity of, that problem.

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