ENTREP5036 Entrepreneurial Concepts and Mindset


Instructions for Assignment 2

Step 1

First part of the assessment is carrying out a literature review on selected entrepreneurial traits or behaviours. You can use Chapter 2 of the text book and the topic “Born vs made” as a starting point, yet you are recommended to conduct a literature review of recent and relevant literature. Pick three traits or behaviours that are important or significant for you personally.

In addition you should review the theory of Personal Initiative. i.e. (Self- starting behaviour, future orientation and perseverance/overcoming barriers) and related concepts (Opportunity seeking, Goal setting, Planning & Execution and Obtaining Feedback)

Step 2

Contact two people whom you have known for a long time (e.g.: work colleague, close friends, family members) and let them independently rate you between 0-10. 0 means does not demonstrate the trait, 10 means you demonstrate the trait exceptionally well.

Rating is against the traits covered under Personal Initiative (i.e. (Self-starting behaviour, future orientation and perseverance/overcoming barriers) and (Opportunity seeking, Goal setting, Planning & Execution and Obtaining Feedback)) and the three traits you selected from the literature review. Request specific examples/instances when you have demonstrated the evident behaviour.

Step 3

Synthesise the rating with your own reflections. You may reflect the instances during this course to agree disagree with the rating captured from step two (above) in your synthesise.

Step 4

Develop a personal development plan outlining your intentions for the future. Use the theory discussed (recommendation: Enterprising Mindset – Personal Initiative) in the course to guide you.

Assignment 2 format and content

The assignment submission should have three sections based on the rubric outlined below:

Literature review of the entrepreneurial traits or behaviours that you have selected as important for you. Explain why they are important or significant for you.

Summary and synthesis of feedback from external parties.

Self-reflection and personal development plan. Based on 1 and 2, you should critically reflect on your entrepreneurial traits and behaviours, applying the theory and develop a realistic personal development strategy and plan.


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