ES3A7 Design and Management of Lean Operations- Module Catalogue


Assignment Description from Module Catalogue:

Identify and explain the fundamental concepts used in lean operations and apply value stream mapping to identify improvement areas for a lean design.

This assignment is worth 30% of the module credit. You should aim to complete it within 30 hours of effort. The assessment criteria are available on Moodle so please read them BEFORE you start answering. Part 1 assesses module learning outcome #1 and Part 2 assesses module learning outcome #4.

1.Appraise where and how Lean Operations can be applied and sustained.

2. Analyse a manufacturing process using Value Stream Mapping critique and propose lean solutions using the map as foundation. 

Ball Valve Inc. (BV) Current State

For the scenario depicted in the following narrative and accompanying figures and tables, provide the following deliverables in a single document and with the two parts clearly identified.
1) A review of Lean theory as it might be applied to Ball Valve manufacture [worth 50% of the total for this assignment]. You must support your answer by citing relevant literature.

2) A Current State Value Stream Map for the Valve Final Assemby process that includes all of the process steps listed in Table 2 [worth 50% of the total for this assignment]. This should be supported with no more than two pages of brief notes of explanation and identification of improvement areas for a lean design. 


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