FMGT7800 Topics In Facilities Management: Elysian Forest Case


I would like you to complete the following for me in regards to the reading that we had for this week, specifically the Elysian Forest case. We are talking about engaging in market research. We’ve already started to discuss that a key principle of asset management is understanding the financial value of a property, whether the property is performing up to expectations and whether action needs to be taken to protect the value. It is almost impossible to understand those implications without having an understanding of local market trends, statistics and economics.

1. In the Elysian forest (page 10 example 1) case, do you feel that the National Developers who undertook the Elysian Forest initiative had a good approach? Simple answer, yes or no.
2. Using “The Beginning Point” (see page 7 to 10 in attachment) section of the reading as a guide, is there anything that you would have advised the National Developers of Elysian Forest to do differently?
3. Again, using the “Beginning Point” (see page 7 to 10 in attachment) section as a guide, and data from the text, write your own version of the Story of University City.

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