GDECE 104 Children Health and Development- inclusive policies and strategies app


Assessment 1: Report Inclusive strategies and policies when working with carers/families and communities

Write a report that examines a range of evidence based inclusive policies and strategies applicable to the Australian early childhood education and care context. Contrast these policies and strategies with some of the historical approaches examined in class.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this subject you will be able to:

A. Evaluate historical constructs of childhood and their impact on contemporary early childhood systems and curriculum in Australia.
B. Assess a range of strategies for promoting effective and respectful working relationships with diverse parents/carers and communities.
C. Debate contemporary educational issues in social, cultural, political, philosophical and historical contexts.
D. Appraise diverse Indigenous Australian and Torres Strait issues and epistemologies and their impact on early childhood care and education.
E. Advocate for children’s rights and anti-bias approaches to working with diverse cultures and identities.


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