HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing-correct medical terminology


Task Instructions
To complete the assessment, you must respond to a number of questions, which are based on the case study. These questions must be answered in full. When responding to the questions, please pay attention to the entire question being asked, as well as the prescribed word count, if provided. Use the correct medical terminology when answering all questions.

Question 1

Define the term ‘holistic care’ 
Provide examples of how you would provide holistic palliative care to Mrs Hong and her family in each of the following 10 aspects.  (word limit – 100 Words) 

Question 2

What document would outline Mrs Hong’s wishes for her care if she was unable to tell you?
What details might this document include?

Question 3
a) Reflect on and outline your values, beliefs and attitude towards death and dying – give an example.  

b) State how your beliefs and values may affect your provision of care to the client- give 2 examples.


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