HSC0003 Health Care- Data Collection and Analysis


Planning Subjectivist Evaluation

In evaluation process, we would benefit our stakeholders the most if we utilize both objectivist and subjectivist approaches to uncover information surrounding our topic of interest.
Now that we have explored the subjectivist approach in evaluation, it’s time to continue our evaluation proposal project. You will need to identify at least two subjectivist approaches that would be applicable to the topic of interest that you described in your statement of work. Make sure you describe the data collection method and the analysis for each approach that you are going to use.
Specifically, in this document you will need to describe the subjectivist approach that you are going to employ in three sections:

Section 1: Description of evaluation questions

  • What are you going to investigate and why? These two types of questions should drive the narrative of this part
  • Identify at least 2 subjectivist evaluation questions for the informatic resource of your interest
  • Since you are going to use subjectivist approaches, you need to identify questions that can capture the subject’s/participant’s perspectives on the informatics resources.

Section 2: Description of appropriate evaluation design

  • A successful evaluation will highlights the most useful information about the informatics resource as well as addresses its shortcomings.
  • In developing the evaluation design, you will need to follow the questions that you have identified in previous section, use the appropriate subjectivist method as well as appropriate ‘data collection instruments’

Section 3: Description of data collection and analysis

  • In this section, you will need to describe what method that you will use to collect the data and perform the analysis
  • You do not need to conduct the actual analysis, just the description of the analysis plan
  • The data collection and analysis plan should follow the evaluation design described in the previous section
  • You will also need to connect this with the participants or stakeholders defined in the first section
This document would have a very similar structure with the previous document (planning objectivist evaluation) but with completely different content as the questions, methods, and analysis would be completely different. For example, continuing the idea of mobile app system replacement, we might want to evaluate what’s the subject’s perspective on the old mobile system as well as the new mobile app system. We might want to identify what are the barriers to the usage of the current mobile app as well as the new one.
Topics such as training requirement, burden of usage, etc. would be things that we want to know using the subjectivist approach.


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