MD7001 Evidence Based Medicine- Appropriate Language


Write a critical appraisal of research that is published as a primary research article (not a systematic review, review protocol or meta analysis) in a recognised peer-reviewed journal in the last 3 years (2019, 2020 or 2021)
You must choose an article that is different from the examples given to you during taught sessions.
You should evaluate the research in the publication and consider the ethics of the research to meet the learning outcomes for this assessment.

Learning outcomes assessed: –

1. Critically appraise relevant scientific and clinical literature, including ethical considerations
2. Be able to articulate research outcomes in appropriate language

Task in more detail

Select a single primary research article published in the last 3 years and write a critical appraisal of it. You must clearly demonstrate an ability to analyse and evaluate the research in the article (please don’t focus on appraising how well the article has been written, we are interested in the science/research not the writing style) and consider the ethical implications of the research and how they have been dealt with in the publication in order to meet the two learning outcomes for this assessment. As with all level 7 assessments, you must show in depth knowledge, the use of appropriate sources for evidence, evaluation of the literature and clear communication (see the marking criteria for this assessment for details).

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