MKT103 Marketing Mix and Manufacturing Factories


Palmolive’s Milk and Honey body wash packaging is outdated with little to no change in shape, colour, and labelling to keep up with the changing consumer market demand. A redesign of the packaging of Palmolive’s Milk and Honey body wash is needed to aid the reimaging of the brand. The use of the brown bottle, light shades of green and black print on the label will adhere to the emerging packaging trends in the industry. The repositioned product will appeal to the selected target market being more aesthetically pleasing and contemporary adding a sleekness and style. Palmolive products currently still contain harmful chemicals, therefore, to keep up with industry trends they will benefit from a product reposition to contain natural, home grown, ingredients.
Consumers are becoming more health conscious, therefore, to hold their position within the market, increase awareness among a new target market and increase sales, it is vital for Palmolive to make the adjustments to their product to successfully keep up with market trends. Due to the extensive changes made to the packaging, labelling and product ingredients, it is probable that Palmolive with need to increase the price of their body wash by 11% from $1.08 per 100ml to $1.198 per 100ml to adhere to the sales objective of increasing sales by 6% over a twelve-month period.
The distribution of Palmolive’s newly repositioned Milk and Honey body wash will involve indirect distribution channels starting from Palmolive’s manufacturing factories, shipped to national distribution centres then directly to major supermarkets, chemists and pharmacies, service stations, gyms, and hotels across Australia.
Promotional methods used will be a mix of offline and online strategies. Offline advertisement strategies will be billboards placed in major traffic areas, entrances to major shopping centres and retail outlets, along with the major public transport locations such as bus and train stations, and airports. Additionally, Palmolive will offer the new repositioned product to selected gyms for purchase at a discounted rate to allow gym users the chance to sample the product before making a purchasing decision. Finally, smaller 75ml bottles of the body wash will be located in selected hotels across Australia for use over a twelve-month period from the beginning of the product launch. Online promotions will include a QR code on the back of the bottle which will take the consumer straight to the website where they will be able to leave feedback, read feedback from other consumers, research the new changes made to the product, and interact with the professionals behind Palmolive’s reposition. Online advertisements through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be sporadically broadcast with options on each social page to leave feedback and engage with the product, and other consumers of the product.  There are four phases in the implementation process of the repositioning of Palmolive’s Milk and Honey body wash. The first phase will be to develop a plan of how the new product will look, what ingredients it will contain and where the ingredients will be sourced. The second phase of the implementation process will be the product development, this phase will also include product testing and quality tests to ensure the product is of the specified standard. The third stage will be promotion where Palmolive will need to have the new product appeal to the existing customers along with the new selected target market. Finally, Palmolive will need to evaluate the product after the launch along with the progress of reaching the company objectives. This stage will determine whether the current strategy is successful or if a new strategy will need to be put in place. 

Implementation and Schedule

Phase 1: Planning
Planning is a phase in the schedule where Palmolive will be able to identify their proposed target market, identify ways in which new customers will be attracted to the repositioned product, set goals and time frames for marketing objectives, and map out a strategy on how to reach the target audience. The planning stage for Palmolive’s Milk and Honey body wash reposition will be conducted for four months, starting on the 1st of December 2021, and run until the 31st of March 2022. During this time, Palmolive will conduct market and product research for three months from December to February analysing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the reposition by analysing the company themselves, along with their competitors to determine where they are positioned in the market. Other factors that will need to be considered in the planning phase is competitor pricing, along with potential cost of production and marketing for the new product. Pricing research will be conducted in the first three months of the planning phase, with the new price to be set in March. The design of the promotional material will be conduced during February and March, ready to be implemented at the very beginning of the twelve-month promotional period. For the success of the reposition of Palmolive’ Milk and Honey body wash it is crucial that the proposed research and planning is completed comprehensively.
Phase 2: Product Development
Sourcing Australian ingredients and manufacturers will be the first step in the product development phase. Once the product has been developed, it will go through product testing and quality checks from the beginning of January through to the beginning of March 2022. This will ensure that the product is within the specifications for the final product with adequate manufacturing processes. Good quality control will help Palmolive to meet consumer demands and produce a better product. During the product development stage, the sales department will notify all supplying major retailers, pharmacies and service stations of Palmolive’s Milk and Honey body wash brand reposition. Along with the existing retailers, contact will be made with selected hotels and gyms for the smaller 75ml bottle of the body wash to be located across Australia for use over the twelve-month promotional period, commencing at the beginning of the product launch in April 2022.
Phase 3: Promotion
Advertising the benefits of Palmolive’s Milk and Honey body wash reposition to customers is a key element in the marketing mix. Well designed promotional strategies and marketing ensures Palmolive’s message is being communicated to the selected target market along with bringing success and profitability to the company. Promotion will commence in the early stages of the planning process during December and January 2022 to design the promotional and advertising activities. Following this will be a rebuild of the brand website along with the Facebook and Instagram pages which will be launched in April 2022 and continue during the twelve-month promotional period. Billboard and shopping centre advertisements will be implemented to ensure that existing and potential customers are aware of the product and be on display for the first three months of the promotional period. Furthermore, advertisements will be displayed at train stations, bus stations and airports from one month before launch and run for the first three months of the promotional period.
Phase 4: Evaluation
Evaluation provides information on how well the product reposition is travelling and help determine what is working well and what may need to be improved. Throughout the twelvemonth promotional period Palmolive’s sales, marketing and financial teams will meet to discuss the company objectives and the likeliness of reaching them, along with the annual and stockist financial reports being reviewed at the end of the promotional period. From this, at the end of the promotional period Palmolive will review the data and recommendations made and employ them in the next promotional period to ensure its success. 

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