MKTG3207 Integrated Marketing Communication- Digital Display


Purpose of the Assignment and Learning Outcomes

The student will review the following video about IAB’s guide to digital display advertising for media planning and budgeting.


Please watch the following video:
Guide to Digital Display Advertising and answer the following questions:
1. What was there about the purchase of digital display ads that led to the development of real time bidding?
2. While the majority of digital ads are now placed through automated buying, explain why this may not necessarily be an improvement.
3. Some traditional media buyers refer to RTB as a “lazy media buyer’s strategy”. What do they mean by this? Do you agree?
Each question will require a thorough discussion, not one sentence. Plan to write about 2-3 paragraphs per question.

Instructions on Deliverables

Please proofread and edit your work before submitting it (up to 20 percent of the mark may be deducted for errors). Consider Grammarly, Ginger, or WhiteSmoke to aid proofreading and editing. However, remember the best way to catch errors is to reread your work before submitting it or have another person proofread your work.
Please submit to the Dropbox in DC Connect. Turnitin will be activated on the Dropbox, and students are expected to follow the college guidelines for academic honesty.
Late assignments will receive a deduction of 20% per day (including weekends). If the assignment has not been submitted within three days following the due date, it will be assigned a grade of “0”.

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