MKTG3332 Key Account Management- Company Selections


Part A – Due Date: Sunday Nov 07, 2021, Company Selections

Follow the detailed instructions listed below, select a company (that you will act as a Key Account Manager for) and a company (that you will sell into) and complete the “Assignment 2 – Company Approval Form” then upload into the folder with the same name. Check “Appendix A” of this document for excluded Companies before completing this form.

Part B – Due Date: Monday Nov 15, 2021 (Start of Week 11!)

Post completed Assignment 2 doc/pdf under “Assignments” tab to Assignment 2 – Key Account Plan folder.


Find a company & product for which you will assume the role of Key Account Manager. Select a Company (who you will sell your product to) from which you can obtain an Annual Report and news releases which will form the basis of your KAP. This planning document is based on the “Key Account Plan” Chapter 24 in our textbook.
Note: The company, product, sector, and customer must be approved by the instructor prior to starting your assignment via the Approval Form.


Use the Key Account Plan in Chapter 24 as a template to build this written assignment. This document should be 8 – 10 pages in length and includes all the minimum contents outlined on page 262. For reference purposes, please include a link to the client’s Annual Report and supporting documentation. This report is based on the material covered in the textbook, so it is very important you read and understand what is required. 


Complete all “Minimum Contents” of the Key Account Plan using all available sources of information. For those sections that you cannot find solid information, include your assumptions based on all available facts. You will be evaluated on both the Executive Summary and Value Proposition sections of this plan, but all sections must be included without losing marks.
Include a cover sheet with your name, the date and the instructor’s name & course name and number. Include all supporting information in the appendix.
If you are working for a company which you would like to base your KAP on, I would encourage you to do so.
A sample Key Account Plan is included in Module 11. You can copy the Table of Contents but everything else must be original content.

Company Selection Criteria!!

The following list of companies cannot be used for either the company you’re acting as the Key Account Manager or the company you are planning to sell into.

Excluded Companies:

  • Manufactures of TV products or cameras.
  • Best Buy, Costco, Canadian Tire & Walmart
Note: If these instructions are not followed, 5% of your assignment grade will deducted for every wrong company selection.

Links to Company lists:

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