PSYC 201 Introduction to Psychology- geographic area represented


Who will participate in your study and how will you recruit your participants. Depending on your study, provide information about age or age range, gender, education level, socio-economic status, marital status, geographic area represented etc.

1. How many will participate (sample size) and the reason for choosing this size.

2. How will your participants be selected and why: here include criteria for participants’ inclusion or exclusion. Then discuss the sampling plan you will use (simple random sampling, stratified random sampling, accidental sampling etc.). When deciding on selection criteria and the sampling plan, you should make sure that your sample is representative of the population you are sampling from.

3. If groups are formed, explain how they will be formed. Will they be formed randomly, or on the basis of some participants’ characteristics?

In this subsection, you should provide details about your data collection instrument and show that the instrument you will use is appropriate for answering your research questions. Here you should describe:

1. whether the instrument was developed by you or by another researcher. If you have developed your own instrument include the following information:

a) how the literature review was used in the process of developing your instrument,

b) the role experts played in shaping the final form of your instrument, whether the instrument was tried on a group similar in characteristics to your sample (pilot study).

2. what concepts the instrument was developed to measure. Here, you need to show how your instrument will measure the concepts identified and not something else.

3. a detailed description of your instrument, the major themes your instrument explores, and their relevance to your research questions


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