PSYCH 2250 Introduction to Psychological Research-logically from one point to an


Introduction of the article

1. Has the article been framed within the larger context of an overall topic?

2. What has been shown before and what is being added by this article?

3. What are the hypotheses or theory being tested (if any)?


1. What are the demographics of the sample (including sample size) and how were they recruited?

2. What are the main variables being tested? If there were different tests conducted, what were they and what was each designed to measure? 

3. Has technical jargon been simplified so that it can be understood by a person who has not read the article? 

4. What was the general procedure that a typical participant experienced during the study? Give the reader a sense of how the study was conducted.

Results and Conclusions:

1. What were the main conclusions and interpretations that were reached?

2. Did the researchers identify any strengths and/or limitations to their study? If not, can you identify any? (this is not a right or wrong point but rather your opinion)

3. Were any suggestions made for future research? If not, can you think of any?

4. Do the results seem believable and important – why or why not?

Writing Quality:

The expectations are for grammatically correct, well-crafted sentences that flow logically from one point to another. If the writing is sloppy and appears rushed then marks will be deducted.   

Has the body of the summary (excluding title page) gone over the 4-page maximum? 

Overall, is the summary easy to follow and easy to understand by someone who has not read the article?  


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