RELIG220 Introduction to the Bible- The Gospel of Matthew


Choose one of the following topics:

1) The narratives surrounding the birth of Jesus are quite different from our common notions of the nativity. Compare and contrast the nativity scenes in the gospel of Matthew (2.1-23) and Luke (2.1-20). Propose a reason for the differences between the accounts. What are the different theological points being made by the inclusion of different material?
2) In the first 3 chapters of the Book of Romans, Paul makes an argument for the universal nature of sin based on “natural law.” What is natural law? What examples does Paul use? What is the structure of Paul’s argument? Do you find it convincing? These are some good questions to answer but there are certainly others that would be relevant.
3) The gospel of Mark has a number of possible endings. Identify the possible endings to Mark and make an argument for which of these endings should be the ending included in the New Testament.

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