SSCI1000 Management|Literature Review

Question: Literature Review: The brief Literature reviews are routinely employed in the social sciences to provide a concise analysis of the existing research literature that is relevant to a particular project. This project may relate to social research or the social sciences more broadly. The introduction of the literature review should establish the context of your research (i.e. the topic it relates to), identify the problem that this review is focused on, and offer an explanation of how and why the literature will be reviewed. A good literature review will go beyond summarising the articles – one after the other (this is an annotated bibliography). Instead, the body of the literature review will link and compare the articles being reviewed, reorganising the material, focusing on the main themes, ideas and methodologies encountered in the literature. You should conclude your review by pointing to how the analysis of the literature has highlighted a gap in our knowledge that warrants further investigation – frame this gap as a research question to be explored in future research. Task For this task, you will be required to select ONE of the topics from weeks 6 to 9. you will also need to locate and review two of your own sources relevant to the research topic. Topic: Building A New Life: Neighbourhoods And Refugees The movement of refugees and displaced people is not just a complex global challenge faced by governments. Being a refugee is a lived experience faced by individuals and families involving hardship, insecurity and much uncertainty. Refugees who settle in new countries have the opportunity to build a new life, but may do so in unfamiliar cultural and social environments. This week we turn to consider how refugees experience moving to neighbourhoods in new countries through the lenses of two interdisciplinary approaches – Refugee Studies and Social Justice. N.B. Please note that you should choose a different topic for the annotated bibliography and literature review. As part of preparing for the annotated bibliography and literature review tasks.

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