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A pharmacy technician carries alot of responsibility as ithas been noticed that he carries the
duty of making su …

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A pharmacy technician carries alot of responsibility as ithas been noticed that he carries the
duty of making sure that the patient does not suffer any harm. This report will talk about
different aspects of principles and practice for pharmacy technicians.
Types of consent
There are afew different types of consent in pharmacy and they are informed consent and
implied consent. Informed consent is more like disclosure of information and itis regarding
the voluntary nature of the decision (Schroder Hakansson et al., 2020) .For example –A
patient who makes the disclaimer in the end that he has read and understood the provided
information. Whereas implied consent is more of an informal type of consent and itrequires
7different types of elements to be valid. For example –an individual giving his blood test
according to his wish.
Different responsibilities of registered pharmacy technician
A registered pharmacy technician has many responsibilities which he should while fulfilling
his duties (Koehler & Brown, 2017) .One of the legal responsibilities is to make sure that
there is no discrimination done in the workplace or that he is not part of any discrimination
going on in the workplace. They have organizational responsibility as well and they need to
make sure that they are following the standard plan for working. They have the professional
responsibility of carrying out safe and effective care and following the GPhC standards.
Importance of effective communication
Communication is always considered to be an important part of the pharmacy profession. It
has been witnessed that effective communication help in building relationships with other
members. For individuals, effective communication is all about conveying the message to
others without any delay. Among employees of the organization, itis all about having
improvement in relationships and making an impact on the performance as well. It has been
noticed that when there is effective communication among employees then itleads to good
performance. For an organization, effective communication helps in building agood
workplace environment where employees can work properly.
Principles of motivational interviewing
A motivational interview is all about expressing empathy and making sure that the individual
who is facing achallenge comes out of the bad position. A motivational interview follows the
OARS structure in which there are open questions from the individuals followed by
affirmation (Haque & D’Souza, 2019 ).It is also about reflective listening and summary
reflections for basic interaction techniques.
Different techniques for managing challenging situations
A challenging situation can turn out to be quite problematic as ithas been noticed that itcan
create alot of pressure on an individual. One of the best techniques is to avoid pre-judgment.
For example –an individual when caught up in achallenging situation should not make any
pre-judgment about asituation instead he should look forward to staying focused and wait till
the end. Another way is to actively listen and understand the situation and think about the
potential results which can be there. Then the decision should be made considering all the
Techniques for asuitable environment
Open discussion is considered to be important in apharmacy as itmakes sure that there is
proper interaction among employees. One of the best ways to promote an environment for
discussion is by making itabrainstorming activity. It has been noticed that brainstorming act
as one of the major boost for the discussion as itincludes the participation from employees
(Oppong, 2017) .For aconfidential discussion, itis important to have an organizational
culture that supports the importance of the discussion. It has been noted that organizational
culture plays amajor role in making agood environment in the pharmacy.
Different challenges to communication
In pharmacy, the major challenge which is witnessed is the lack of adequate knowledge of
drugs. It has been that due to lack of communication there are few instances when
individuals find ittough to have drug information. It has also been noticed that apharmacy
technician having fewer skills in communication might find ittough. It has been seen that
communication technique or skills are amust for pharmacy technician because ithelps them
in knowing alot of information and help in working with precision and accuracy.
Different sources of support
One of the best ways to improve communication in pharmacy is by taking part in the
discussions taking place in the workplace. It has been noticed that through discussion,
communication is improved. Another service of having aregular get-together is agood way
to increase communication within the pharmacy. Working with co-employees is still
considered to be anice way to improve skills of communication.
Based on the above discussion, itcan be summarized that there is aneed to understand the
importance of communication in the pharmacy. It has been witnessed that communication
can result in better health outcomes and can help in producing good learning sources for the
individuals working in the department.
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Task 2
Cultural diversity is always considered to be an important thing in the present world. A
pharmacy technician should make sure that he follows the principle of diversity. He needs to
carry out respect toward diversity while doing his job. This report will talk about why person-
centered values should influence all aspects of healthcare within pharmacy services.
GPhC Standard
GPhC standards act as aguide for pharmacy technician as itprovides the much-needed rules
which he should follow. Standard 1talk about providing person-centered care to the patient.
It is important to understand the fact that providing patient-centered care helps in providing
much-needed support to the patient (De Matteis et al., 2019) .When apharmacy technician is
providing person-centered care then the patient feels that they are getting much-needed help.
It has been noticed that itis one of the responsibilities of the pharmacy technician to make
sure that they understand the person-centered values as ithelps in improved results. Person-
centered values make sure that the clients or patients are the centers of care. One such value
talks about respect for diversity. A pharmacy technician should make sure that there is proper
respect for diversity and that there is no room for discrimination.
The equality act 2010 talks about the importance of providing equal opportunities for all and
there should not be any discrimination done based on race, gender, religion, or disability
(Savulescu, Cameron & Wilkinson, 2020) .Pharmacy technicians should make sure that while
providing their services and performing their duty they should not do any act which can cause
major damage to anyone. GPhC standards also talk about the importance of behaving in a
professional manner which is all about making sure that no discrimination is done and
professionalism should be followed throughout. The standard plan for working is followed
throughout their profession.
It is important to understand that pharmacy technician should make sure that he follows the
person-centered value throughout their profession as ithas been seen that person-centered
value results in better health outcomes. By following person-centered values they can provide
much-needed support to the patients and help them in finding their necessary things. They
need to understand that when there is no sort of discrimination then the care provided to the
patient is of the highest level.
Based on the above discussions, itcan be said that pharmacy professionals should make sure
that they follow person-centered values. The impact of these values helps in improving the
aspects of healthcare. It has also been noticed that pharmacy technicians should understand
the importance of respect for diversity. They should make sure that they are not doing any
sort of discrimination while performing their duty.
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Task 3
Safeguarding in healthcare is considered to be quite important in healthcare settings.
Safeguarding can be defined as saving someone from being harmed or from treated badly.
Working together to safeguard children 2018 also talks about the importance of saving
children from any sort of trouble. It is aguide to inter-agency working to safeguard and
promote the welfare of children in the United Kingdom.
Whistleblowing in pharmacy
Whistleblowing is termed as an act of giving information about the activity of an organization
that is illegal or unsafe or immoral (Gagnon & Perron, 2020) .In pharmacy, whistleblowing is
quite common as ithas been noticed that sometimes there are chances that illegal activities of
making fake medicines are taking place. Few individuals reveal this information as itis all
about the public interest.
Duty of care
Duty of care is quite important in healthcare as itprotects the individual. Duty of care makes
sure that an individual is linked with some sort of illegal activities and is working with high
care (Herring et al., 2017) .ithas been seen that duty of care enables working with high-
quality care and this results in reducing workplace incidents. That is why itsaid when there is
aduty of care then there is protection or safeguard to an individual.
Recognize safeguarding concerns
It is important to understand the vulnerabilities which can be there around adults and children.
Both age groups are having some sort of issues through which they can be harmed. In the
case of adults, behavior can be amajor challenge and that is why itis important to monitor a
person’s emotional and physical wellbeing. The change can be measured through indicators
and that can help in understanding any sort of danger rising or not.
The appropriate process for disclosing concerns about safeguarding
One of the important things is to remain calm and listen carefully when there is disclosure
about safeguarding. It is important to keep that information confidential and make sure that
there is no leakage of information. It has been witnessed that the disclosure can be sensitive
and that is why itis important to consider the privacy issue.
Roles and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians in safeguarding individuals
A pharmacy technician can be important for safeguarding individuals as they can look for any
possible signs of abuse on an individual while having interaction (Boughen et al., 2017) .
They can also have communication with the suspected ones who are abused and then they
can report the same to the authorities about possible abuse cases.
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