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BSBPMG633: Provide leadership for the program
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BSBPMG633: Provide leadership for the program
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Task 1 Project Roles and Responsibilities
Role Responsibilities Objective Expectations
Decision making power Managing and
leading the
senior team
authorization and be
consulted on
important matter
Program Board
High level of decision -making power Help to achieve
the objective
within timeline
along with the
benefits and
program vision
Operate the plan for
Leadership, vision, governance, and
strategic management along with the high
level of decisions making ability including
staff planning, financial management, and
critical thinking
Create budget
Allowing budget and
measuring risk
Marketing communication and low –
level decision making
Help to
and coordinate
with HR
Managing media and
marketing and
HR Team
Low level decision making Communication
Communicate and
coordinate with
Task 2 Draft Vision Statement
Program Vision Statement: Our aim is to develop individuals with outstanding quality by
providing them business training and help to develop skills required for personal and
professional goals.
The Vision statement the purpose of organization and what is provides to the stakeholders ;
therefore, vision statement is aligned with the values and mission of the sponsoring
Approach Outline
Inform Informing the stakeholders about the vison
and mission with the balanced objective and
information that would allow them to
understand the project, associated problem
and alternative solution to the problem
Consult Gathering feedbacks
Involve Worki ng with stakeholders to ensure that
their concern and desire are taken into
Collaborate Partnership with stakeholders in different
stages to improve decisions, and developing
alternative solutions
Communication with Stakeholders
Stakeholder Group
or Individual
Role and
responsibilities and
interest/power in
the program
and engagement
Executive Director
and Program
High level of
decision making
Email, and meetings Weekly report
Program Board High -level decision –
making ability
Meeting with teams
and email
Weekly report
CFO High -level decision –
making power
Email Weekly
Marketing Team Low level decision
Email; Slack Daily report
HR Low level decision
Email; Slack Daily report
Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Be inclusive
We support individuals from different cultures and ethics to work collaboratively. This
includes people with different sexual orientations, different countries, and colours, along with
the migrants. We aim that the individual s in the workplace become more inclusive and work
without challenges. Inclusive behaviour of individuals gives them a sense of belonging,
feeling of respect, and value as they are .
Be considerate
Every one of us depends on each other to make better work. It is necessary to everyone to
know that their decisions affect the client and other colleagues; hence, it is necessary to take
this into account when making decisions .
Everyone should respect others, and disagreement should not be an excuse for disrespect. We
will all experience disappointment and frustration at workplace occasionally or due to various
reasons; however, we cannot allow that disappointment turns out to be the factor for personal
attacks. Individuals should cooperate to make an environment where everyone can feel
comfortable and work without threat .
Choose the words carefully
Everyone needs to behave professionally in the workplace environment including support and
care for others. They do not involve in activities tha t put down others ; for example,
harassment and impropriate behaviour, these types of behaviour are not tolerable that can
include negative consequence s. The negative behaviour for which actions could be taken
ï‚· Violence
ï‚· Discrimination including joke s, and inappropriate language that hurt the feelings of
ï‚· Sharing and showing the sexual context to others using electronic devices.
ï‚· Insulting an individual personally , or using the racist terms.
ï‚· An unwelcomed sexual attention.
ï‚· And encouraging others to involve in such types of behaviours.
Stop Harassment
Everyone needs to follow the codes of ethics to maintain peace and healthy environment. It
should also include situations when someone asked to stop something, then you should stop.
Conflict arises w hen individuals disagree with the points of others; however, in the case of
harassment, individuals have not pointed to argue and should stop .
Differences and Strength
Individuals from different backgrounds or cultures have different perspectives on the problem
and may try to solve the conflict or problem based on their own perspectives to generate new
ideas. This approach is helpful; however, other individuals may not agree with the points of
others. People have different points and do not agree with oth ers does not mean they are
wrong; however, it is their perspective of the problem that allows them to make decisions.
Individuals make mistakes and blame others; however, it is recommended that we should
focus on resolving the problems .
Updated Code of Eth ics and Professional Conduct
Policy brief & purpose
The codes of ethics are designed to improve the behaviour of people in the workplace. Our
professional codes and ethics allow the individuals to manage the workplace situations and
work in the different p ositions in compliance with the organization’s rules and regulations
without harm to others. Therefore, we also want our workers to improve decisions in the
different situations following the organizational codes of ethics and professional conduct.
There c an be a situation that creates conflict between employees, or individuals may have
different perspectives; however, codes of ethics allow them to follow a similar approach to
solve the problem. In addition, we believe that by following the coded of ethics individuals
follow the ethical practices .
These codes of conduct and policy are applicable to every individuals workers who work
within the rules of the organization including different employees such as executives,
representatives, assistants, volun teers, and merchants undertaking clients or funding
organizations .
Components of our code of ethics
ï‚· Showing r espect to other
ï‚· Maintaining i ntegrity and honesty in the workplace
ï‚· Justice
ï‚· Lawfulness
ï‚· Competence and Accountability
ï‚· Teamwork
Respect to other
In an organizational environment, it is required for every individual respect to others
including those whom they with communicate. While providing support or assisting other, it
is also required to be caring, and supportive. Individuals should consider others from their
point of view and respect their emotions, at the same it is also necessary to keep their
information confidential that they know. Any act against it or assault is completely
disallowed in the organization that may have negative consequences. Ind ividuals are not
allowed to involve in activities including fraud and harm to others.
What is the more appropriate behaviour in a workplace environment and more suitable
response to others? To find out the answer it is necessary for individuals to understand the
perspective of others including how might you feel in the same situation. Assuming the self
in the situation of the other person would allow us to help others and improve out behaviours
such as respect for others. Therefore, it is necessary for all individuals to think twice about
their behaviour. In addition, if they found any issues relat ed to the respect and dignity of
others, they need to report the issue to the HR .
Integrity and honesty
Integrity is to behave in accordance with the ethical guidelines of an organization with faith
and intellectual honesty and fairness. It is individuals’ accountability to take responsibility for
their actions, decisions, and consequences of decisions. Peop le who follow integrity are free
from unethical practices event in the absence of the supervisors as they take accountability
for their work. Therefore, everyone needs to give priority to integrity and remember the main
goals of the organization. Integrity is a broad area to understand, it also includes the actions
of people working as a whole to achieve organizational goals. The way of behaviour and
actions should have a purpose and would serve the organizational purpose.
Not following the ethical guidelin es raises the concern of integrity that could have negative
outcomes; for example, individuals who do not maintain the integrity or involves in unethical
practices will be terminated by HR depending on the situation and severity of the incident;
however, t his should a warning and discussion .
Conflict of Interest
Conflict of interest is a major problem in an organization that can happen at different stages
or levels. Out codes of ethics prohibit the conflicts of professional interest. Everyone should
be awar e of the severity of the issue and avoid engaging in it including personal, financial,
and other considerations. An example of conflict of interest includes when a supervisor or
leader favours someone who is a close friend or relative and another individua l raises concern
about bias. Conflict of interest includes various scenarios that create workplace conflicts
between employees -supervisor and other employees. Therefore, we prohibit everyone to stay
away from situations that create conflict or reporting su ch activities of bias. When people act
in the organizational interest they avoid conflict, and one of the effective ways of avoiding it
is to report the issues or solve them rather than involving in them.
Conflict of interest arises when an employee in an organization involves in the actions that
are not liked or accepted by others, in this situation it becomes challenging for individuals to
work together; for example, internal employees may conflict of interest while comparing
their rights to the external consultant, this may affect the outcome of the project; therefore, it
is necessary for everyone to work together and avoid conflict of interest .
Justice is the equal treatment of individuals. Every employee needs to ensure that their
actions do not create injustice or disadvantages for others. Injustice affects the workplace
environment and affects individuals’ performance; therefore, everyone is obligated to avoid
injustice and taking do not take the advantage of others .
You are obliged to keep all regulations which apply to our association. Contingent upon your
job and calling, there may be different regulations you really want to notice. For instance,
bookkeepers and clinical experts have their own lawful limitations and they should be
completely mindful of them. While you are planning contracts, conditions, disclaimers, or
online duplicates that might be represented by regulation, (for example, assent structures),
kindly ask check from [our lawful counsel] prior to concluding anything .
Competence and accountability
Individuals at work need to demonstrate their level of practice and knowledge and work with
energy. Competency allows individuals to work efficiently with energy that motivates others.
Employees are liable for maintaining orga nizational prosperity when employees are
competent, they work in the interest of the organization and achieve the goals while of they
are not competent, the entire organization faces the consequences. Lack of competency
causes slow work and individuals may struggle to achieve organizational goals. Therefore,
we want each individual to learn and develop competencies through training and personal
development plans .
Cooperation in work is an ideal choice for individuals. People can get their work done
adequately when supported by other, on the other hand, individuals may find it difficult to
complete the work without support. In an organizational environment, employees need to
team up with others to produce better work to achieve organizational goals. They must be
available to learn and develop. In addition, teamwork assists them when they require help .
Manage Risk
Risk Risk
Probability Impact Priority Risk
have culture
are the
with diverse
team as
people may
find it
difficult to
the opinion
of others
2 3 Low This risk can
be managed
developing a
strong group
culture, and
with other
In addition,
trainings and
would be
views and
do not share
same vision,
it can create
tension in
the team
2 1 Medium Meeting with
members to
find solution
and recentre
their vision
bre aches
may not
practices that
can damage
the teams
2 1 Medium Policies need
to develop to
avoid such
Fear to
report breach
may not
report the
problem due
to fear that
can damage
the project
3 3 High Policy and
procedure is
necessary to
identify the
threat and


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