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The documents required ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 2
A job description and person specification for the Business Travel consultant ………………… 2
A job advert to help you in recruiting the Business Travel consultant ……………………………. 3
A plan outlining your recruitment strategy for obtaining the best candidate ……………………. 4
A three-month staff development plan for the new starter …………………………………………….. 5
The rationale for all the choices that have been made in the design of the above materials ..8
References ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 12
Appendix …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 14
A PESTLE analysis for BUNI Travel ………………………………………………………………………. 14
The documents required
A job description and person specification for the Business Travel consultant
BUNI Travels is looking for a passionate and experienced candidate for the position of
business travel consultant to join the organization. If any individual is enthusiastic and
passionate about traveling, as well as if you like to improve customers’ travel experiences,
this will be aperfect job for you.
● Managed travel bookings or reservations involving international travels and tours by
car rental, air as well as accommodations for business executives.
● Sustained and built productivity targets mainly to meet client satisfaction.
● Advised customers on preferred international and domestic travel and holiday plans as
well as made all required arrangements.
● Counseled travel customers on required testimonials and documentation for foreign
● Maintained current information and knowledge of the developing travel sector,
corporate travel procedures, and policies and technology.
● Managing the travel plans and arrangements of both executive and business
individuals and accounts is mainly the responsibility of a”Business travel consultant”.
● Travel consultants’ job includes conducting research as well as gathering information
and knowledge on the hotels, destinations, and flights that their customers will travel
● Inform customers and give useful materials of travel like event programs, maps, and
● Minimum one year of experience as abusiness travel consultant
● Require abachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management.
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
● Strong interpersonal and sales skills.
● Proven and corroborate working experiences mainly as abusiness travel consultant.
● Ability to understand and listen
● Good time-management, problem-solving and organizational skills.
● Good and adequate understanding of various tourism options and offerings.
● Passionate about tourism
● Additional knowledge advantages are an advantage
● Client-oriented mindset
A job advert to help you in recruiting the Business Travel consultant
About BUNI Travels
“BUNI travels are atravel agency organization. It arranges travel and tour plans for clients
for various destinations all around the world. It guides and suggests the clients develop
traveling plans as per their preferences and needs.
● Minimum of one year of experience in the travel and tourism sector.
● Must have abachelor’s degree in travel and tourism management
● Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.
● Excellent time-management and organizational skills.
● Build healthy and strong relationships with clients.
● Organized appropriate travel, agendas and visas, and essential contacts and
destination information.
● Worked in afast-paced ambiance and also planned travel and tour arrangements for
● Study and research clients’ wishes and specifications.
● Recommend appropriate travel options that best suit and match the requirements of
the clients.
● Research destination as well as traveling costs, weather conditions, customs, reviews,
and many more.
● Prepare the report of the KPIs and track KPIs.
● Maintain and build healthy relationships with clients
● Attend conferences or webinars and different educational programs.
● Keep learning and gain knowledge about new industry trends.
● Promote and offer different offerings and services.
● Collect deposits as well as balances.
● Monday to Saturday -9:00 A.m to 6:00 P.m
● Sunday- Closed
Westhoughton in Bolton
Send your resume to [email protected]
A plan outlining your recruitment strategy for obtaining the best candidate
1st Step Follow astrategic recruitment plan
● Preparation of an effective description of the job
● Using the appropriate recruitment tools
● Screening of the candidate’s
● Schedule an interview for the applicant
● Offer the job to the right candidate
2nd Step Use of social media
● LinkedIn is arobust tool for employers.
● Employers can use it to determine and hire applicants that
possess certain skills.
● This can be useful and effective if employers select a
publication that mainly targets the applicant types, they are
3rd Step Treating candidates like consumers
● Being respectful at the time of the interview can encourage new
● Being hospitable can make new candidates more comfortable
during the time of the interview and the workplace.
● Increasing self-availability can help to resolve the queries of
4th Step Compelling Job Descriptions
● Making job titles more attractive so that they can attract
interested job seekers.
● Providing a captivating summary of jobs can enhance the
excitement level of job seekers about their designation in the
● Highlighting organization and work culture can attract new
A three-month staff development plan for the new starter
Activities Lessons Time Frame
Provide training
on self-
● Effective, and efficient use of resources,
and work time
● Maintain regular work attendance and
30 days of
(1 month)
● Assuming and seeking additional
responsibilities and duties as appropriate.
● Exhibiting honesty and integrity.
● Treating other team members and staff
with dignity and respect.
● Provide the right suggestion to the people
● on How to achieve the organizational goals
and objectives.
employee skills
● Coordination skills
● Persuasion skills
● Decision-making skills
● Organizational skills
● Problem-solving skills
● The capability to assume duties and
15 days
Discussion on
● Viewing the organization and team success
as more vital than individual success and
● Appropriately sharing details both
externally and internally.
● Supporting teamwork as well as
collaboration through honest and open
15 days
Knowledge of
customer service
● How to advise and suggest destinations.
● Make travel and tour arrangements for
● Identifying the needs of every client
appropriately and advising the right travel
● Supplying clients with pertinent details
and useful holiday materials
30 days (1-
● Arranging accommodation, transportation,
and tickets for clients
The rationale for all the choices that have been made in the design of the above
The most obvious advantage of a”strategic recruitment plan” is it authorizes them to
mainly have astable stream of eligible, qualified, and talented applicants for each one of the
companies’ critical positions. The HR manager of BUNI travels selected this recruitment
procedure because this plan mainly makes the recruiting procedure smoother as well as acts
as amost qualifying guideline for candidates. This supports HR managers to make sure that
they are recruiting candidates with the skills and qualifications required to do the work
(Abbasi et al.2020) .The biggest advantage is keeping the organization on its running course.
The company wants to hire experienced candidates because there is an advantage of
recruiting experienced candidates, it becomes easy to work with them and they have an idea
about the job profile as well as know what role and duties they have to perform. Trusted and
experienced candidates can get them started with no or little training. Moreover, they
efficiently bridge the gaps in their organizations as well as often bring effective
communication and coordination skills.
Experienced candidates know and understand the real dynamics of execution and
work. Somehow, the candidates take minimum time for the task completed with perfection
(Adamovic, 2022 ). Therefore, they mainly prove to be astrategic investment in the company.
Fundamentally, lesser time mainly does not signify an increasing error for such candidates.
An opportunity is mainly to search for possible career opportunities or options, enhance self-
understanding, self-confidence, maturity as well as independence, also enhance motivation
and encouragement to continue learning, and also undertake more training.
It is important to recruit the right applicant for the Business travel consultant positions
when acandidate who is suitable for the BUNI travels often to improve their skills as well as
upgrade their performance within the company once recruited (Allen, et al. 2020). There are
several benefits to hiring experienced candidates: they save time, and they have in-depth
knowledge about the responsibilities and how to assist clients.
The above-mentioned qualities and skills needed for travel consultants are booking,
consulting, and juggling calls, as well as communication, which is a regular balancing act
mainly for them. Travel consultant responsibilities involve processing payments, negotiating
deals, arranging flights, advising customers, and sending tickets (G.L., 2019 ). These
responsibilities are the main duties of atravel consultant, if any candidate is experienced in
this field, he or she knows how to handle customers, how to organize travel plans for family
and individuals, and also other important tasks. Their experience makes it easy to complete
the work without any difficulties and also satisfies the consumer requirements (Amorrortu et
al. 2018 ). But in place of an experienced candidate, afresher is hired then the scenario is
completely different because fresher candidate ’sneed proper training and knowledge, face
difficulties in client handling and communication issues, and invest more time to train them.
So, the company wants to hire only experienced candidates because it takes alot of time to
prepare the fresher candidate for this job role (Haines, 2020 ).
The job adverts’ main goal is to notify potential job applicants regarding an opening
as well as attract the candidates to apply. The job advert is mainly written in an extremely
engaging tone as well as it comprises details not just about the job role, yet about the
organization and the advantage they offer (Black and van Esch, 2020 ). The company designs
job advertisements to hire the right talent and hiring advertising helps the HR manager reach
applicants around the web, upgrade the employment brand, as well as create a constant
pipeline of real talents that could finally be recruited.
The HR manager has planned agreat opportunity for BUNI travels by implementing
this recruitment strategy that has been mentioned above. This recruitment strategy has some
plans to hire the most efficient candidates for their organization (Jacob et al. 2020 ). As the
HR manager is focused to hire experience candidates it would be very beneficial for BUNI ’s
travels in every aspect. To complete this recruitment process, they have used appropriate
recruitment tool which is necessary for hiring and measuring experience candidates. This can
also help to identify if the candidate fits in the workflow bottle. In the initial stage, the HR
managers start screening to observe perfect candidates for their desired roles in the
organization (Blaszczynski et al. 2021 ). After ascreen test, an interview schedule has been
arranged for the candidates and this can help to identify the dignity and the motive of that
candidate. This procedure can help to fulfill recruitment criteria for BUNI travels.
In order to hire suitable candidates for this travel business, the HR managers have
integrated social media advertising because this can help to grab the attraction of new and
experienced job seekers. This process mostly helps BUNI travel to get perfect candidates
whose profiles can fit into their recruitment criteria. With the help of LinkedIn, HR managers
get suitable candidates and can properly judge them before they get hired for the organization
(Johnson and Smith, 2019 ). Along with that, the HR managers also focused on the behavioral
concept as most job seekers change or rotate their jobs due to unethical behavior. It is awise
decision to treat candidates like consumers because this can help to increase productivity and
helps to gain profit in the business (Kalu and Okeke, 2019). A hospitable behavior makes the
workplace more comfortable for the candidates and that is taken care of by the HR managers
which is the positive sight of this organization.
In addition, the HR managers also make them available for new candidates as they
have any queries about the new job designation and company policies. Clarifying their
queries can make them more comfortable in the work environment. Apart from all of these,
the HR managers also provide effective lessons that are focused on different activities as
mentioned above (Brooks, Greer, and Morris, 2018 ). Above mentioned activities can help the
employees to enhance their performance and increase their employability skills. Training on
self-management can help the employees to manage customers which are their main targets.
These motivation and training skills can increase productivity, and more innovative ideas to
attract customers and decrease the level of absenteeism and staff turnover rate. The HR
managers can provide training on customer care services (Kannisto, 2018 ). This can help to
manage and manipulate customers by providing the best offers and services to them. This
effective development plan can help to develop knowledge of CSAT and DSAT areas which
are positive customer satisfaction rates and negative customer satisfaction rates (Davey et al.
2021 ). The process of discussion and effective teamwork that has been mentioned above can
also provide an ultimate result to the Buni travels. In this aspect, the company can achieve
internal and external benefits and this can be only possible with effective teamwork.
The HR manager of BUNI travels also focused on effective communication skills and
provides training accordingly to those new candidates. This would be very beneficial for their
business. This training also helps to understand the efficiency and ability of the hired
candidates. If there is any doubt has been analyzed where employee’s communication skill is
lacking then and there the HR department arranges another training schedule for them so that
they can recover their lacking areas (Van Esch and Black, 2019 ). This skill development
program is under the self-management program and it also helps to know and upgrades
knowledge about working efficiency and ability in every aspect. In addition, problem-solving
skills and coordination skills are also provided by the HR managers that can enhance their
employability skills (Nielsen, 2022 ). These skills are very effective and can help those new
candidates to understand every critical area of the organization. This also provides training on
how to manage customers and sell their best travel plans with good and effective suggestions.
Trainers and HR managers also schedule training to understand collaborative
teamwork and coordination which is necessary for their organization. As this is a travel
agency so team coordination can help to build up an effective team set-up that can
aggressively increase the performance of the organization by selling the most profitable sales
to the customer by convincing them (Pessach et al. 2020 ). In this aspect, employees get
knowledge on internal and external skills that can help them for future growth and mainly
help the organization to manage critical situations and make them able to handle some
hypothetical situations efficiently. In BUNI travel new candidates also get training on
managing conflicts which is necessary to understand as they are going to work as customer
support (de Almeida et al. 2019 ). In this case, they need to understand the motive and
prospects of customers and politely handle such cases for getting aquick resolution and make
customers satisfied with the deal or provide resolution.
New candidates of BUNI travels are also required to understand which deal is suitable
for which customer and understand these areas they must have aclear knowledge of every
product and must know the perspectives in every aspect. To clear this concept, HR managers
provide an effective and very effective training program on self-management. This can also
help them to figure out organizational goals and objectives (Ramit, 2019 ). It is concluded that
astrategic hiring plan and an appropriate job description in the job advertisement with the
necessary clear requirements is a way to obtain the best applicant for the position of a
Business travel consultant. But it is not easy to get the right talents from a large group of
candidates because in the present situation business market competition is always at a high
level, so the managers decided to hire eligible, knowledgeable, innovative, and passionate
about their job candidates.
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A PESTLE analysis for BUNI Travel
Factors Significance Impact
Political Due to Brexit law and other political drastic situations, it
would not be favorable to do business in this market.
Economic In 2020, the growth of G.D.P. in this place will be
enhanced by 9.8% in comparison to the past years.
Therefore, the economic structure is favorable for doing
Social After giving several taxes, the entire household earning in
the U.K. has been measured at approximately £30,800 as
the organization might obtain potential consumers from the
U.K. market of U.K.
Technological Greater than 99.7% of the entire population is currently
having abetter internet connection that is effective for the
business firm towards enhancing market growth.
Legal The labor including employment law, along with the
business activities of the year 2018, has created the legal
attributes of the U.K. the companies that are seeking
growth .
Environmental Due to this extreme level of air pollution, it can be stated
that environmental factors are not suitable for doing


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