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Digital Marketing and Communication
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Digital Marketing and Communication
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Online influencers are the most important part of the digital community strategy of
Influencers in the social media are the people who have developed areputation for
their expertise as well as knowledge on aparticular topic. The influencers make regular posts
of the topic on their preferred channels of social media and they get a huge following of
enthusiastic as well as engaged individuals who view their content very closely. The social
media influencers are loved by different brands as they make trends as well as encourage
their followers for buying the products which are promoted by them.
The role of social media influencers
The concept of influencers as a part of the strategy of marketing is definitely not
novel. Instead, the rise of social web as well as the Internet in common has provided
individuals an opportunity for becoming influencers, at time in very niche aspects in a
massive online audience. The very fist step of having aconnection with these influencers has
nothing to do with the influencers themselves. Rather the entire process is not looked with
respect to the traditional plan of marketing (Wang and Lee 2021) .The first thing that has to
be done is the identification of the target audience. Through social media, the companies have
seen rise of what is known as the citizen influencer. These are the individuals who have not
been on television. these are aset of some passionate people who establish as well as share
their experience as well as opinions on the social web for everyone to see. In their group of
influence, they hold more sway than some traditional celebrities. The posts form these people
get them some followers who start trusting them implicitly (Guzman and Barbieri 2022) .The
social media influencers are considered to be the people, personalities as well as brands
online which are trusted by the people. they are the individuals who spark discussion and the
ones who inspire action. Without considering the category, these influencers can be found
who matter to the audience of the brand and there is establishment of some significant awell
as symbiotic relationships with them for spreading their messages. There are various things
done by the influencers. The influencers with their huge networks of followers as well as
friends serves as nodes for making these connections smoother as well as more effective
(Díaz-Mart ín Schmitz .and Yag üe Guill én 2020) .The companies need to be diligent in
understanding the influencer ’saudience before they are being reached out as apart of the
strategy of social media. The brands only want to connect their audience to the messages
which are proper and relevant. If the message do not fall under this section, either the
influencers will loose interest in spreading the idea or the message will be broadcasted to an
improper or an unresponsive base of audience. The influencers have the potential of
connecting the brand to the correct people. The social media influencers are avery important
part of the information network. the followers are informed about the new products, new
establishments as well as breaking the news. Unlike the advertisements which are designed
for informing, the information which comes through the people influencers are trusted as well
as organic. Researches have fund that among the decision makers of B2B, bloggers are
considered to be the most trusted information source as well as the most influential in the
process of decision making even much more than the trade shows or the word-of-mouth
recommendation (Childers and Boatwright 2021) .While on the one hand, informing as well
as connecting are both critical part of an experience of an influencer, the ultimate wielding
influence is about providing shape to the opinion. the influencers have got the advantage of
being implicitly trusted through their audience. They work very diligently for earning that
trust and faith. thus, as an organisation that wasn ’tto reach their audience, the companies
must be able to offer relevant as well as timely information and be able to message in aclear
as well as simple way.
Influencer marketing
To put into some simple terms, influencer is a person whom has the power of
influencing other people. In influencer marketing, the influencer collaborates with a
particular brand for the promotion of something. The endorsements of celebrities were the
initial type of influencer marketing (Wiedmann and von Mettenheim 2020) .However, in the
present era of digital world, the social content creators with niche audiences can generally
provide more value to the brands. these individuals have dedicated as well as engaged group
of followers on the social media. So, it can be said that social media influencers are the ones
who wields their impact with the help of social media. Whenever an influencer is hired for
the promotion of the products or the services, this is called influencer marketing.
Influencer marketing strategy
The main goal for the brands who make use of influencing marketing is reaching the
new target customers. The gaol is simply to reach new base of customers, not importantly for
making a sale right off the top. Increasing sales is the third most common goal of the
influencer campaigns (Phrukampai 2022) .A company should think of the way in which
influencer marketing campaign will fit into their broad social media marketing strategy and
make measurable goal which can be reported as well as tracked. An effective strategy of
marketing needs speaking to the correct person using the most appropriate tools and the
correct influencers. The first step is to describe who the audience is going to be for a
particular campaign (Taillon et al., 2020) .Establishment of the audience personas is an
excellent way of making sure that the company understands the person they are trying to
reach. The firm should then develop amatching set of influencer personas. This will aid them
in having an understanding of the qualities for which are looking for in their influencers.
Before an organization dives into influencer marketing, it is vital for them to understand the
norms. In the United States, these rules come through the Federal Trade Commission (Mason
Narcum and Mason 2021) .The sponsored posts must be identified through the influencers.
But they do not have too always do so (Khodabandeh and Lindh 2021) .Or this can also be
done by them in a subtle manner in which the disclosure is efficiently hidden or
incomprehensible. For instance, in the United Kingdom, the competition along with the
market ’sauthority investigated the hidden advertising on Instagram as well as pressed parent
organisation Facebook to make acommitment to the modifications which make disclosure
easier as well as clearer. The brands should communicate with a probable partner slowly
through interacting organically through their posts. When they are absolutely ready for
making a suggestion of apartnership, one of the greatest ways of starting is with adirect
Benefits of influencer marketing
ï‚· Building trust quickly- Influencers help in developing relationships, credibility as well
as trust with their fan (Khasawneh et al., 2020) .Their content is respected through
people Through sharing the content of an influencer, people will soon get their
attention and they will start sharing theirs, putting the message in front of an actively
engaged set of people.
ï‚· Enhancing brand awareness- influencer marketing can very well expand the reach as
well as positioning online. Social users will start to know more about the brands. The
main key of increasing the strategy of the influencer is by ensuring that there is a
provision of valuable content which adds to the presence of social media and even
ensuring value on both the sides.
ï‚· Enriches the content strategy- sharing the content of the influencers can help in filling
up the gaps of the schedule of the content. this works really well in the situation
where the brand run out of the ideas of content or just require some quality content for
publishing on their social pages.
ï‚· Efficiently reaches the target audience- At the core of the inbound marketing is
spreading the content which resolves issues, provides inspiration as well as educates
the intended audience (Seeler ück and Sch änzel 2019) .This concept is embraced
through influencer marketing as the influencers are already in tune with the demand
of the people being served through them.
ï‚· Develops winning partnership- Connecting as well as engaging with an influencer can
be just the state of apowerful relationship. when abrand is in it for ahuge haul, they
will never get to know where these connections can end. Probable joint-ventures, live
shows along with other opportunities might be in the works.
The social media influencers are the people, personalities as well as brands online
which are trusted by the people. they are the individuals who spark discussion and the ones
who inspire action. Influencer marketing is among the best ways abrand can be built online
and there can be arsing awareness among the target audience. Influencer marketing is
growing much faster than the digital advertisements, with major focus on leveraging the
followers of the leaders of the industry for increasing the business growth. The beauty of the
influence marketing is that there is already a resent set of audience, the only need is the
development of awin-win partnership in which both the parties provide excellent value to
every audience.
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