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MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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DEPARTMENT: Engineering and Mathematics

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MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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DEPARTMENT: Engineering and Mathematics
MODULE TITLE: Project and Quality Management
MODULE LEADER: Dr Ramin Bahadori
EXAM DATE: 11 May 2022 at 09:30 UK time
DURATION: 2hours 45 minutes (Including 15 minutes reading
1. The University Academic Conduct Regulation outlines the behavioural
expectations of candidates completing any examination.
2. Students are responsible for ensuring that they know how to submit their exam
script, when the deadline is and that they submit the script in enough time
before the deadline expires. Itis anticipated that Blackboard will be slower
around submission times.
3. It is afundamental principle that students are assessed fairly and equitably.
The University Academic Conduct Regulation defines unfair behaviour relating
to an examination to be ‘cheating’. The University will investigate and may
sanction any acts or behaviours which breach the Code of Academic Conduct.
4. Students are reminded that this is an individual task and that students who
contact or collude with other students to complete their exam may be subject to
sanction later.
1. This is a time-limited examination; you are responsible for managing your time
appropriately. The duration is shown at the top of this page and explained
-Start of the exam, the standard start of the exam is 9:30 in the morning. You
must start your exam at this time.
-End of working time is 12:15 (as displayed on your timetable)
-End of submission time 15 minutes after the end of working time above
(also referred to in the submission instructions on your timetable).
2. You must download the exam paper, work on the questions offline and submit
your answer(s) using the SAME FILE to the submission point by the given
3. Please be sensible about the amount of time you spend completing and
submitting your work and make allowance for technical issues prior to the
MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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4. This is an OPEN BOOK/ONLINE examination.
5. Complete ALL the required information in the Answer Cover Sheet on Page
6. Begin to answer the questions from Page 8.
7. You Must Answer All FOUR Questions.
8. There are word restrictions for questions 1 and 3.
9. Academic support will be available for the 15 minutes of reading time from
09:30 via Zoom .
10. It is possible that you may encounter technical issues during the exam; ifyou
have any difficulty with IT you should consult the below student guidance
document on My Hallam, which contains useful information on hints and tips,
contact numbers and links to support:
11. Any changes or clarification to the exam paper will be communicated via the
module Blackboard site announcements. It is recommended that students
monitor Blackboard announcements prior to submission of their final script but
particularly in the first hour after the release of the exam paper.
MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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Q1: Briefly explain the situations where a matrix management structure is
Your answer must not exceed 150 words .
(10 marks )
Q2 : Following successful completion of the MSc program at Sheffield Hallam
University, you have become a Project Executive in a construction company.
Currently, you are involved to install a new office system in Sheffield, where the
indirect cost is £ 5,000 per day and the total normal direct cost (sum of normal direct
costs of all activities) is £ 60,000 .The senior project manager is under pressure from
stakeholders to reduce the overall project duration. Thus, based on the project
information provided by the project team (see Table 1), the project manager asked
you to critically evaluate the three below scenarios and recommend the
optimum one to satisfy stakeholders:
ï‚· Scenario 1:Reduce the project duration to 52 days.
ï‚· Scenario 2:Reduce the project duration to 49 days.
ï‚· Scenario 3:Reduce the project duration to 48 days.
Table 1: Project information
Activity Description Normal Time
(day )
Crash Time
(day )
Crash Cost
Per (£)
A Prepare
20 18 1500 –
B Procure
17 17 1200 A
C Design Tests 18 16 1000 A
D Install
15 13 800 B, C
E Test System 14 11 750 B
The senior project manager also has asked you to report your detailed
analysis only using the template provided on page 9.
(35 marks )
MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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Q3 : You are a project manager in a bulk mobile phone manufacturing company to
launch the cheapest mobile phone for only £10. The company has already during the
press conference released the product specification and announced that the product
will be launched in May 2023. But, a few weeks before the launch of the product, you
faced A BIG CHALLENGE that needs to be dealt with using what you have learnt
during the Project & Quality Management module at SHU:
The company ’s engineers realised that they would need to use slightly older
technology to meet the internal cost objective. They believe that the cost of the end
product cannot be increased and that the sales will not be impacted by using an
older technology. However, the brand management team warns that itcould damage
the company brand’s reputation.
Critically evaluate the above situation and justify your final decision/action.
Note: Your answer must not exceed 200 words.
(25 marks )
MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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Q4: Consider the below hypothetical project and answer the following multiple-
choice questions (i.e., 4.1- 4.4). You need to choose the correct answer by using the
tick-box provided for each question on page 11 .There is only one correct answer.
Hypothetical project :
It is planned to establish a factory to produce spare parts in South Yorkshire. The
overall work breaks down structure consists of the following sub-projects, which are:
ï‚· Sub-Project 1is designing the factory.
ï‚· Sub-Project 2is the main construction operation of the factory.
ï‚· Sub-Project 3is machines purchasing.
ï‚· And Sub-Project 4 is the installation and commissioning of machines in the
The project manager has assigned an independent manager for all projects and a
comprehensive and detailed project schedule has been prepared and based on it,
progress charts of each project have been identified. Table 2 shows the total budget
and time (Baseline) required for each sub-project and the whole project.
Table 2: Baseline plan for the completion of Sub-Project and the whole Project (the
figures are assumptions)
Sub-Project 1 Sub-Project
Project 3
Project 4
Budget at
Completion (BAC)
100000 1500000 2200000 200000 4000000
Schedule at
Completion (SAC)
12 30 8 10 30
About 20 months have passed since the start of the project. The main stakeholders
(i.e., Investors) want to know what the performance of each “Sub-Projects ”and the
“Whole Project ”has been and what the forecasts will be. Hence, you as a senior
Project Analyst are assigned to this task. Based on the actual information obtained
from the project financial and physical reporting system, you have extracted and
aggregated the actual values on this date (month 20) for each project in Table 3.
Table 3: aggregated values corresponding to actual values (£)at the assessment
date (month 20)
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4
Planned value
(PV) 60,000 800,000 1,440,000 600,000 2,900,000
Actual cost (AC) 65,000 1,000,000 1,700,000 550,000 3,315,000
Earned value (EV) 50,000 850,000 1,100,000 510,000 2,510,000
MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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4.1. What are the Cost Performance Index (CPI) and Schedule Performance
Index (SPI) of Sub-Project 1?
a) CPI =0.85, SPI = 0.83
b) CPI =0.77, SPI = 0.83
c) CPI =0.65, SPI = 0.76
d) CPI =0.93, SPI = 0.85
(8 marks )
4.2. What is the Critical Ratio (CR) of Sub-Project 4?
a) CR =0.64
b) CR =0.79
c) CR =0.90
d) CR =0.66
(7 marks )
4.3. By measuring each “Sub-Projects ” performance, which Sub-Project
Manager performed the worst in comparison to others?
a) Sub-Project 2Manager
b) Sub-Project 1Manager
c) Sub-Project 4Manager
d) Sub-Project 3Manager.
(7 marks )
4.4. What is the Cost Estimate at Completion (CEAC) and Time Estimate at
Completion (TEAC) of the Whole Project ?
a) CEAC=5282869, TEAC=35
b) CEAC=130000, TEAC=14
c) CEAC=1764706, TEAC=28
d) CEAC=215686, TEAC=10
(8 marks )
Total Mark: 30
MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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“Answer Cover Sheet ”
Complete ALL the information required below
Leave the below table blank .
Question number First mark Second mark Agreed final mark
Total %
Student First Name ………
Student Surname ………
Student ID ………
Module Name Project and Quality Management
Course Title ……… .
Module Code 55-703365
Department Engineering and Mathematics
MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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Q1 answer :
A matrix management or organisational structure is aformat of organisational
structure (i.e., the structure that defines how the hierarchy of personnel and the flow
of information is managed). The matrix design of the organisational structure refers a
open communication structure through ateam member can report to more than one
leader (unlike the traditional functional structure).
ï‚· When an organisation handles multiple projects simultaneously and resources
or personnel are required to be addressed for multiple projects, this type of
structure is well suitable.
ï‚· Further, for start ups or prganisations with a few employee strength, this type
of structure is the most suitable as itallows for aflexible communication and
time management.
10 marks
MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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Q2 answer :
The senior project manager has asked you to report your detailed analysis using the
below template:
Table 4: Report template
Step Cost
Indirect Cost
Direct Cost
Total Cost
53 – – 265000 60000 325000 A-B-D
52 D-1 800 260000 60800 320800 A-B-D;
51 D-2 800 255000 61600 316600 A-B-D;
50 A-1 1500 250000 63100 313100 A-B-D;
49 A-2 1500 245000 64600 309600 A-B-D;
49 E-1 750 245000 65350 310350 A-B-D;
49 C-1 1000 245000 66350 311350 A-B-D
48 B-1 1200 240000 67550 307550 A-B-D;
The crashing is achieved above fpr all the 3 scenarios as required. The
achievements for the 3scenarios are hence:
ï‚· Scenario 1: Achieved duration 52 days (reduced by 1 day), total cost
ï‚· Scenario 2: Achieved duration 49 days (reduced by 4 days), total cost
ï‚· Scenario 3: Achieved duration 48 days (reduced by 5 days), total cost
35 marks
MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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Q3 answer :
There is akey issue focusing on which the brand management team is warning the
engineer team to not proceed with the assumption that they have made. The
challenge here is that all the three constraints (in triple constraint model) for a project
are crucial to be met. These three critical constraints are:
 Cost – the per product cost is estimated to be £10 (announced)
 Time –launch date is May 2023 (announced)
 Quality –all specifications are already announced
Now, the assumption is made by the engineers team is that the other two constraints
(expecially cost) would be met at the cost of quality as older technology is decided to
be used. However, this would cost the project to deviate from customer requirements
as the specifications are already announced. So, there are two particular options in
hand of which the most feasible one can be chosen such as:
1. The project management needs to assess other cost cutting options than
using older technologies. This can be adjustment in the project duration (e.g.,
activity crashing)
2. The compromise in technology can be considered but only after a critical
market analysis about the future performance of both the product and the
25 marks
MODULE CODE: 55-703365
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Q4 answer :choose the correct answer using tick-box
a) CPI =0.85, SPI = 0.83 ☐
b) CPI =0.77, SPI = 0.83 ☒
c) CPI =0.65, SPI = 0.76 ☐
d) CPI =0.93, SPI = 0.85 ☐
a) CR =0.64 ☐
b) CR =0.79 ☒
c) CR =0.90 ☐
d) CR =0.66 ☐
a) Sub-Project 2Manager ☐
b) Sub-Project 1Manager ☐
c) Sub-Project 4Manager ☐
d) Sub-Project 3Manager ☒
a) CEAC=5282869, TEAC=35 ☒
b) CEAC=130000, TEAC=14 ☐
c) CEAC=1764706, TEAC=28 ☐
d) CEAC=215686, TEAC=10 ☐
30 marks


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