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OSCM 352 001 F21 1of 11
Do not re-write or reformat the exam. Do not alter th …

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NAME (print)__________________________________________________________
OSCM 352 001 F21 1of 11
Do not re-write or reformat the exam. Do not alter the order and/or numbering of
any parts of this exam. Enter your responses in Times New Roman font in black.
Failure to follow any of these instructions will be severely penalized up to including
not grading your exam.
Read each part carefully and answer exactly what is asked. Insert your response to
each and every part in a new line entered directly below it. Place a copy of all
graphs, charts, tables, into aline directly below where it is asked to be presented.
Report all numerical values as decimals rounded to two (2) decimal places.
Show all your work in your Excel and/or Lingo files. You must submit all of your
computer files for this problem with your completed exam to the “Final Exam ”
link on Bb as evidence of your effort. Failure to attach these files will be severely
penalized up to and including referral to OAI .Even so, only your Word document
containing your completed exam will be graded; Iwill not hunt through your Excel
and/or Lingo files searching for output, graphs, reports, etc.
Enter your last name in the file name of all files submitted in the format “Final Exam
last_name.xxxx ”.Type your name in the space provided at the top of this page. Type
your name into an empty cell in the first tab of your Excel file. Type your name as a
comment in your Lingo files.
Your completed exam with all your computer files are to be submitted electronically
to the “Final Exam ”link in the “Assessments ”in the Navigation bar of the Bb course
website. Your completed exam with all computer files must be submitted
BEFORE 11:59:00 PM on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 .
OM 352 001 S22 2of 11
A.Executives of alarge discount drug store are concerned with customers balking
from the single check-out lines in their stores because they are waiting too long.
The executives have set the objective of increasing sales by improving
customer check-out service. For that purpose, they have hired adata analytics
The consultant has studied the operations of aparticular store and has learned
the following information. Customers get on the single check-out line in the
stores at the mean rate of 28 per hour. Once on the line, customers are then
served on a first-come, first-served, basis. On average, one cashier, working
alone, can check-out a customer in two minutes. Working together as a team,
an additional cashier reduces the check-out time of acustomer by 15 seconds,
on average. The manager has also discovered that, on average, customers will
balk if their wait on the line is five minutes or more. (Assume Poisson arrivals
and exponential service times.)
ï‚· In this problem, report all probabilities rounded to four decimal places and
report all times as minutes and decimal seconds.
ï‚· In part 12 you MUST provide acopy of your Excel spreadsheet containing
your calculations for problem A to receive credit for this problem. You are
also reminded to submit all of your computer files for this problem with
your completed exam to the “Final Exam ” link on Bb. Failure to provide
either of these deliverables will result in this problem NOT being scored.
1. In new lines entered below this part, describe the state and/or situation of
the waiting line if only asingle cashier is working the check-out counter.
The situation shall be balking as mean time in queue is 30 mins
0.9333 (utilization)
14 (mean number in system)
30 (mean time in system)
28 (mean time in queue)
13.07 (mean number in queue)
0.0667 (probability of an empty system)
Probability= 28/30 = 0.9333 for utilization
1-P = Probability of an empty system
OM 352 001 S22 3of 11
2. a. In new lines entered below this part, state the appropriate operating
characteristic used as the criterion for this problem.
Queueing Theory and M/M/1
b. In new lines entered below this part, state algebraically the specific
criterion the consultant is using in terms of the operating characteristic
stated in part a.
3. In new lines entered below this part, state the minimum total number of
cashiers needed to meet the consultant ’sobjective.
With the minimum number of cashiers stated in part 3all working together as a
single team:
Time 0.006*60


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